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November 21-22, 2019 | Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA
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Movesense Sensor Platform Powers Hundreds of
Wearable Device Concepts
Do you know the magnitude of hull vibrations of a cruise ship, caused by its own engines? Or the intensity of your eye movements during REM sleep?

Neither do we. But we know how to measure both with Movesense, an open, programmable motion and heart rate sensor, smaller than an Oreo-cookie, with a price of just above $40.

Did you know that, based on research, measurement of balance can identify signs related to ageing or illnesses? Would you believe that a tiny wearable motion sensor can be used to check your body sway as a result of a 5 minute test set up?

The startup company Ainone, founded by physiotherapists, neurological specialists and professional conditioning coaches, identified a need for fast, objective and accurate balance measurement with real time results and feedback for health, social and sports professionals.
That's why they created a mobile platform to support the assessment of balance and to detect changes in human performance, using Movesense Sensor technology and Ainone measurement software. (Ainone BalanceĀ® is a CE labelled medical device in EU. Not cleared for sale in the US.)

Did you know that you can also measure medical grade, one-lead ECG with the same tiny, water and shock resistant motion sensor?

AiVoni analysis service, developed by a group of cardiologists and other medical experts at Heart2Save, allows users to identify cardiac arrhythmias anywhere, anytime.
The AiVoni service analyzes user's ECG data, measured with a medical variant of the Movesense sensor, in order to determine whether there is a potentially dangerous atrial fibrillation or, for example, harmless extrasystoles. AiVoni is the first medical application that uses the ECG feature of the Movesense sensor. Movesense MD sensor, a CE certified, Class IIa medical device, is in the final phase of the certification process and will be soon released to the market.

What if the same sensor enabled the wireless monitoring of tens of objects simultaneously?

That's what Firstbeat is doing with their new Firstbeat Sports Sensor & Live app. Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being. Their new solution brings focus and mobility to coaching of professional sports teams.

With the heart rate data measured by Movesense sensor, Firstbeat provides coaches with physiological information to optimize performance, reduce injuries, and fast-track player development for athletes in the world's best professional leagues, across the NCAA and at the national team level.
If you developed a sensor product, would you rather focus on creating value to the end user or on building your own hardware?
Konect Sports is one of the companies that has successfully launched a Movesense powered sensor solution. Konect Sports's Speed Pro tracks an athlete's reaction time, quickness, acceleration and foot speed/coordination and helps trainers, coaches and athletes improve athletic performance in reaction times, speed, agility and explosiveness. By simplifying this type of product, which traditionally has only been available to professional teams, Konect Sports Speed Pro is targeted at youth sports training, elite training centers, and professional teams and leagues.

"We couldn't have brought this product to market without Movesense," said David Troup, founder of Konect Sports. "Movesense enabled our team to conceive and launch a product in 10 months and allowed us to focus on the things that mattered to our business like customer experience, deep analytics and impactful results."

What would you measure?

What if you had a robust sensor hardware platform for tracking physiology, health, and anything that moves, that you could tailor both functionally and visually for your own needs? That's what Movesense is all about.

Movesense is a programmable multi-purpose wireless sensor platform, housing heart rate sensing capability, 9-axis inertial sensors, temperature sensor, 1-wire extension bus, BLE radio, data logging memory and memory for your own applications for custom functionality. The sensor can also be custom branded.

The open development platform includes a variety of useful developer tools, sample code and examples, mobile libraries for building compatible Android, iOS and Apple Watch applications, and plugins for different cloud services and other 3rd party tools.

Movesense is created by Suunto, a Finnish manufacturer of world renowned sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments for the toughest conditions.
Come and share your thoughts with us at booth #V33, Healthcare Sensor Innovations Pavilion, and receive a discount code for Movesense Developer Kit to start experimenting!
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