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21 January 2020

A team has developed a new method to embed information in a 3D printed object and retrieve it using a consumer document scanner. Information such as a serial ID can be embedded without modifying the shape of the object, and be simply extracted from a single image of a commercially available document scanner.

3D Systems and CollPlant Biotechnologies plan to jointly develop tissue and scaffold bioprinting processes for third party collaborators.

Albright has added a 3D printing capability and developed a special 3D silicone molding process for relatively low cost rapid turnaround prototyping. Customers that need a small number of parts for initial testing but are not ready for metal tooling can benefit from working with a silicone molder that is able to provide LSR molding with 3D printed tooling.

Biliana K. is an Art/Tech Startup, that develops problem-solving technology and innovation regarding the Digital Art market.

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