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Synergies between Printed Electronics and Wireless Communication

A national flagship programme had assembled an industry-led consortium to develop functional inks, as well as to design and develop new printing manufacturing techniques. The consortium wanted to identify and explore synergies between Printed Electronics and the Wireless Communication sector, an area of national strength. IDTechEx identified and assessed the key problems and issues that Printed Electronics could solve in the Wireless Communication sector. IDTechEx developed a picture of the emerging value chain for the industry and identified key beneficiaries. The market was then segmented and market opportunity forecast in terms of size and growth rates. IDTechEx recommended a detailed strategy for maximising the current and future capabilities of the consortium. The consortium is now executing our proposed action plan.

The business case for applying a novel technology to the transparent conductive film market

A European start-up had developed a new manufacturing technique enabling it to control the assembly process of nanostructures. The start-up wanted to define its strategic product development and marketing focus for the coming years. IDTechEx carried out a detailed and comprehensive assessment of the transparent conductive film (TCF) space as a potential target market. IDTechEx identified and critically assessed the incumbent and emerging technology options for supplying TCFs. IDTechEx then interviewed and profiled all the key players worldwide supplying each technology option, and defined existing and forecast prevalent prices and performance targets for different applications. Finally, IDTechEx provided a granular area- and value-based market forecast for the touch screen market, broken down both by application and technology type. The client used our findings in its strategy session to define its course of action.

Learning and entering the DSSC market

A small-sized material supplier into the supply chain of dye-sensitised solar cells wanted to re-define its product positioning and marketing focus. IDTechEx was tasked with identifying potential customers globally, with gauging feedback and with providing concrete feedback for improving the products and its marketing. IDTechEx interviewed all the leading end users of the products and identified several critical issues. In particular, IDTechEx advised the client to focus on fewer products lines and to tune the marketing message to focus on 'ease of delivery' and 'volume supply'.

Photovoltaic market dynamics and opportunities

A 15 billion European chemical company wanted to learn about the thin film photovoltaic industry. IDTechEx provided a technology description of all the different types of thin film photovoltaics, including a-Si, CdTe, CGIS, DSSC and OPV. IDTechEx mapped the competitive landscape by identifying and listing all the key players worldwide. IDTechEx provided detailed market forecasts for each technology in terms of monetary value and areal coverage. IDTechEx subsequently mapped the competitive landscape for barrier technologies used in OPVs, and outlined key cost and performance targets. The client used our analysis to evaluate the suitability of their technology for the thin film PV sector and to assess their selling points.

Learning lessons from industry success and failure stories

A large Asian industry-led consortium focused on printed electronics wanted to learn lessons from past successes and failures in the broad printed electronics space. IDTechEx profiled 30+ companies worldwide based on direct interviews. These profiles were carefully selected to reflect on success and failure cases in a broad range of application sectors and different value chain positions. The technologies covered included OPVs, TFTs, OLED lighting, batteries, conductive inks, etc, and the value chain positions examined include material designs, device manufacturers, system integrators and product developers, and equipment suppliers. IDTechEx delivered its findings in an interactive session where members learned what commercialisation and product positioning strategies were most successful and which ones most likely to fail.

Opportunities for small- to medium-sized suppliers into the EV value chain

IDTechEx (project leader) and its European consortium partners examined the emerging complex and fast-changing value chain for supplying electric vehicles (passenger cars, buses, forklifts, powertrains, etc) and related technologies. IDTechEx also evaluated opportunities and challenges for European small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). IDTechEx and partners also examined the competitive landscape for SMEs by analysing numerous case studies. In each case study, IDTechEx profiled what products and technologies were being developed, and what expertise and sources, including financial, were being utilised. This study recommended a strategic partnership approach with a larger corporation for maximising value capture and minimising risk exposure for SMEs.

Connecting with the brand owners

A large Asian printing company wished to learn the needs and progress of major global brand owners. IDTechEx leveraged its strong contacts with global end users to inform the clients about their key interest areas, and also to facilitate business conversations. The client is now exploring multiple partnership options with several end users directly

Emerging market opportunities in the value chain of flexible electronics

A $40+ billion Asian corporation wished to learn future growth opportunities for supplying parts to flexible devices. IDTechEx developed a detailed roadmap for likely system configurations of flexible display and lighting applications. The roadmaps were granular and included the required and likely changes at every layer/component of the system, such as connectors, substrates and barriers, backplane, transparent conductive films, cover glass, and energy storage modules. IDTechEx identified key technological improvements and innovations that were required to enable the realisation of each system configuration. IDTechEx then focused on a particular part, assessing key needs, required performance targets and competing technologies. IDTechEx also interviewed and profiled key competitors and helped the client assess their differentiators. IDTechEx finally forecast the ten-year potential global demand for supplying the part into these emerging value chains. The client has used our analysis and briefing to plan for their future growth business.

Developing new opportunities for graphene supply

A graphene start-up with a novel and scalable production method wished to become involved in the supercapacitor industry, a major target market for graphene. IDTechEx identified all the global suppliers of supercapacitors and lithium ion capacitors (LIB). IDTechEx then examined and outlined the material composition and processing techniques used by each company. Here, IDTechEx used patent searches and interviews as its primary information sources. IDTechEx then selected a limited number of potential partners/customers based on (a) compatibility of manufacturing techniques, and (b) potential growth prospects. IDTechEx then facilitated business conversations between client and potential partners/customers. The client is now actively following up the leads.

Commercializing thermoelectric generators

A multi-billion dollar US chemical corporation had developed a novel energy harvesting device. It wanted to evaluate the market opportunity and dynamics before making an investment decision. IDTechEx benchmarked the new technology against all competing, incumbent and emerging, solutions, helping define their unique selling points. IDTechEx segmented the market into key target verticals, and outlined existing and forecast price and performance targets in each segment. IDTechEx then established key end users and suppliers, interviewing and profiling all. The analyses enabled the client to learn about the market size and growth rates for each segment and identify unmet needs. IDTechEx finally organised a strategy session at the client's headquarters to develop their commercialisation plan.

Diversifying sensor portfolio

A large European sensor manufacturer wanted to diversity its business by making an acquisition. IDTechEx and the client together defined a set of parameters for company selections, factoring in overlap between customer bases, geographical reach, revenue range and manufacturing compatibility with existing product lines. IDTechEx then searched 150+ firms and filtered down the list to top five for further investigation. The client then went on to do a deep dive on recommended firms.

Entering the supercapacitor industry

A $250 million French coating company had decided to supply pre-coated electrode films into the supercapacitor industry. IDTechEx helped its client establish and develop its business relationships. IDTechEx identified key potential customers worldwide and facilitated business conversations and an exchange of samples under NDAs. IDTechEx will soon participate at the client's strategy meeting to choose better prospects and help make the final investment decision.

Leveraging printing expertise to enter the printed electronics space

A $600 million multi-national printing company was looking to participate in the printed electronics industry. Their existing markets had become flat or were in decline, and they were looking to diversify into emerging high-growth markets. We outlined the business landscape; identified opportunities and risks in a range of emerging market segments, systematically located a gap in the value chain, and recommended a business model taking into account their expertise, customer base, size and risk appetite. The client now has a prototype on the market.

Assessing printed electronics technologies with the largest target market

A $7 billion global chemical company wanted to participate in the printed electronics space. They were looking to invest in high-growth technologies applicable to the broadest possible range of market segments. We identified technologies that would be common across applications such as solid-state lighting, touch screens, photovoltaics, displays, components, etc. We estimated the market pull and growth potential for each technology in each application and weighted our analysis by our estimate of total application market size. Our systematic study identified top three technologies for investment. The top selected technologies were outside the core competencies of the client.

The business for a novel silver nanoparticle production process

A $12 billion chemical company had developed a nanoparticle production technique and wanted to commercialise it. We helped them evaluate the market potential. More specifically, we benchmarked their technology against all competitive manufacturing techniques; developed a detailed global competitive landscape; identified, assessed and quantified potential target markets across different verticals; and recommended a commercialisation strategy. The company decide not to invest further as their required revenue projections were not likely to be met.

Graphene and carbon nanotube technology and business acquisition

A $7 billion company wanted to bring graphene and/or carbon nanotube know-how into its family of technologies by acquiring a start-up. We helped them understand the competitive landscape and to systematically identify companies that offered the best fit to their existing product portfolio and future growth strategy. We identified and assessed a broad range of target companies across the globe. In our due diligence, we accounted for parameters such as IP position, manufacturing cost, scalability, product quality, funding sources, and accessible target markets. Our exercise resulted in recommending top three companies for a further round of detailed evaluation. The client is now following up our recommendations.

The business case for carbon nanotube ink supply

A medium-sized European company had developed carbon nanotube inks and coatings for use in a range of electronic applications. IDTechEx appraised the market opportunity in a range of markets such as sensors, energy harvesting and transparent conductive films. IDTechEx performed a SWOT analysis on carbon nanotubes vs. competing solutions. IDTechEx estimated market share and value of carbon nanotubes at each market sector, and supplied ten-year market forecasts by value and area coverage (or mass).

Business plan development for a European start-up

A European start-up with a novel manufacturing technology wanted to appraise the opportunity in a range of markets. IDTechEx assessed the applicability of the technology for several sectors, highlighted key market drivers and trends, benchmarked technology vs. other rival solutions, and provided market forecast and growth figures. IDTechEx developed two business plan scenarios and revenue projections for the client. The results were used to narrow the strategic marketing and product development of the client.

RFID company selling its business

A US-based RFID company providing value chain and logistics management solutions wanted to value and sell its business. IDTechEx leveraged its knowledge and global database of contacts to identify a list of potential purchasers based on potential value to acquirer. Initial business conversations were facilitated between our client and potential purchasers.

Risk from technology change in the energy harvesting space

A high-tech company providing solar battery technologies and solutions wanted to understand market opportunities, technology options and market trends in the energy harvesting space. IDTechEx helped the client evaluate the wireless sensor market size for five key market segments. IDTechEx also identified, interviewed and profiled key companies active at different value chain positions of the five sectors. The client used this study for an internal assessment of risks and opportunities arising from the energy harvesting space.

Independent technology due diligence on reflective displays

A client wanted an impartial assessment of its company commercialising a reflective display technology. IDTechEx first learned the details of the client's technologies, carrying out a detailed SWOT analysis. All rival solutions and providers, as well as all major market/driver trends were examined. IDTechEx also provided potential market size forecast and a detailed map of the competitive landscape. The client used our analysis to define its next steps before raising further funds.

Technology roadmap for flexible thermoelectric generators

A national agency wanted to inspect the current global development landscape for flexible thermoelectric generators. IDTechEx interviewed, profiled and assessed all leading companies and research institutes active in the field. IDTechEx identified key performance and cost targets, as well as market drivers. Using this information, IDTechEx benchmarked the different companies according to the state of their technology and market readiness. This information provided a reference target for guiding the client's research programme.

Supply opportunities into the Li-ion battery and supercapacitor industries

A $250 million French coating company wished to become engaged in the lithium ion battery and/or supercapacitor industries. IDTechEx identified suppliers of coating equipment and electrode materials into these industries and profiled their products. IDTechEx then analysed the market size and growth potential by application. IDTechEx recommend a commercialisation strategy to its client, which the client is currently executing.

New markets for screen printing equipment

A printing firm wanted to find new market opportunities for its screen printing equipment. IDTechEx proposed key target markets and outlined required performance parameters for diversification into these markets. IDTechEx provided a list of potential customers.

Exploiting printed electronics to improve in-store advertisement

A major French sporting goods chain store wished to learn how printed and/or flexible electronics could be leveraged for in-store advertisement. IDTechEx briefed the client on the performance, likely cost and challenges of various technology options for creating a full advertisement system, consisting of displays, logic, memory, energy storage, and communication elements. The client is now developing a partnership network to develop prototypes.

Buying equity in an RFID company

A VC was considering an investment in a passive RFID system company. IDTechEx carried out a due diligence, including a full SWOT analysis and provided RFID granular market data, trends and forecasts. We also highlighted the competitive landscape by identifying major technological competitors and their associated suppliers.

Assessing demand growth for specific metals in the emerging electric vehicles infrastructure

An international council wanted a forecast of likely demand for copper created by the growth in electric vehicles and all its associated infrastructure. We carried out a detailed assessment of the markets, identify and analyzed the key components using or likely to use coppers, and developed various detailed market forecast scenarios.

Developing customer/partner base for supplying speciality paper substrates

A major European paper supplier wished to develop its business network in the printed electronics space, which they had earmarked as a major growth opportunity. IDTechEx identified more than 25 organisations with high potential for being customers and/or partners. IDTechEx facilitated business conversations in all cases.

Commercializing thin film organic memory

A large Asian food and chemical company had developed a novel process for manufacturing a material used in thin film organic memory. IDTechEx assessed the competitive technologies and materials, evaluated the need for thin film organic memories, and the market opportunity in printed electronics for memory. IDTechEx advised the client on its commercialisation strategy.

Market forecast and technology roadmap for organic photovoltaics

A clean-tech government-funded agency was considering a multi-million dollar investment in a new thin film photovoltaic technology (organic photovoltaics). IDTechEx developed technology and price roadmaps based on inputs from a multitude of experts, technology developers and end users. IDTechEx developed a detailed cost breakdown projection, factoring in BoM, manufacturing and labour. IDTechEx also outlined prevalent price points and sales volume for other competing photovoltaic technologies such as CdTe, CIGS and a-Si. IDTechEx assessed the likely market potential based on its roadmaps and interviews with end users. A recommendation about the investment decision was presented.

Piezoelectric energy harvesting for consumer electronic products

An Asian science and technology institute had developed a piezoelectric energy harvesting technology for monitoring tyre pressure. The client wanted to learn whether their technology could be applied to consumer electronic products. They also wanted to identify and connect with potential customer and collaborators for ensuring that their technological solutions was commercialised. IDTechEx assessed the performance and cost requirements of a range of applications including wireless sensors and active RFID; electronic apparel, toys and novelties; MP3 players, laptops and other small electronic products; mobile phones; and chargers for hearing aids. IDTechEx then supplied a detailed market forecast by application. Crucially, IDTechEx contacted more than 175 companies and organisations, and narrowed down the list to top seven based on technical compatibility, market growth potential, geography and estimated funding capacity. The client engaged with all seven recommended partners

Guiding research programme to serve gaps

A French national research institute had developed a novel organic photo-sensor technology. They wanted to scout the landscape for similar technology platforms emerging anywhere in the world. We identified all key potential competitors and assessed their technologies for technology readiness and similarity with the client's technology. The client used our findings to direct its research programme.

Technology and market strategy for participating in the printed electronics space

A major European security printing firm wanted to develop its commercialisation strategy in the printed electronics field. They had developed a prototype technology manufactured using high-speed printing. IDTechEx first assessed what the technology could deliver by evaluating its potential competitive advantages. We then completed a market compatibility analysis by comparing the technology's performance and cost with market requirements. All rival technologies were discovered and key emerging risks from changing paradigms were discussed. The size, growth rate and market share of applicable target markets were then forecast. A technology and cost roadmap as well as a list of target customers were developed. Customer used our input to set its R&D and commercialisation objectives.

End user feedback for organic photovoltaic producer

A start-up European organic photovoltaics manufacturer wanted an independent appraisal of their key target markets including mobile electronics, BIPB, automotive and portable electronics. For each sector, ten companies were interviewed based on a questionnaire developed jointly by IDTechEx and its client. IDTechEx gauged the initial reaction, and outlined crucial technical and cost milestones that must be reached before product penetration takes place. This produced realistic market feedback for the client and its investors.

Benchmarking novel silver patterning technique against existing and emerging competition

A US-based private firm had developed a novel method for creating intricate silver patterns on a range of substrates. IDTechEx carried out a critical SWOT analysis and benchmark the new technology against all competing technologies, both printed and non-printed. This enabled IDTechEx to define the unique selling points of this technology and market segments where it might deliver value. IDTechEx then identified potential end users groups, interviewing them to learn their needs and requirements. Business discussions were then facilitated where the strongest match existed, enabling the client to grow its business.

Opportunities for conductive ink supply outside the traditional crystalline silicon photovoltaics space

A medium-sized Asian printing house wanted accurate data on the past and likely future of the conductive ink and paste business. IDTechEx leveraged its knowledge base to provide detailed granular data. IDTechEx also identified key suppliers of silver and copper pastes, and assessed alternatives to metallic inks. Crucially, IDTechEx identified a list of 60+ customers for conductive paste and inks outside the traditional crystalline silicon photovoltaics space. The client used our information to develop its business further.

Emerging markets for piezoelectric energy harvesters in the wireless sensors sector

A large US-based diversified manufacturer of highly-engineered critical components wanted to learn about commercial opportunities for developing piezoelectric energy harvesters targeted at the wireless sensors sector. IDTechEx provided granular market forecasts segmented into the following categories: buildings, commercial, industrial, oil & gas, military, medical, and home. The end user proposal was validated by carrying out 15+ direct interviews. IDTechEx outlined key customers and competitors within the piezoelectric energy harvesting markets and developed a roadmap of critical technological and cost challenges that must be overcome in the medium-term IDTechEx recommended a commercialisation strategy.

Identifying best-fit target markets and market entry strategies

A $2 billion US technology corporation supplying products into the global communications network system wanted to learn about opportunities in printed electronics, RFID and energy harvesting. The client had expertise in thin layer deposition, photovoltaics, material science and coating. IDTechEx segmented the printed electronics, RFID and energy harvesting markets by application, components and materials. IDTechEx then evaluated the opportunity at every level and identified four promising entry points for the client, taking into account the client's expertise as well as market opportunity. The client made its investment decision based on our recommendations.

Opportunities for developing energy-harvesting-powered valve actuators

A world leader in the business of electro-mechanical components wanted to learn about market trends, needs and opportunities for energy-harvesting-powered actuators for use in valves across different market verticals. IDTechEx identified major value suppliers and users in each vertical. IDTechEx then interviewed these players, first explaining the merits of the technology and next gauging their performance and cost requirements. Using its prior technical and market knowledge as well as the new perspectives, IDTechEx developed a technology and market roadmap, and identified priority sectors and end user groups. The client used our assessment to guide its business development process.

Product improvement using printed electronics

A major healthcare brand owner sought an improved version of its self-heating patch. IDTechEx identified and evaluated existing and emerging technology options that could meet the technical, aesthetic and cost objectives set by the brand owner. IDTechEx recommended the best emerging options for further analysis. IDTechEx then identified a range of centres and companies focused on relevant technology-based product developments, and facilitated business discussions.

Latest progress in printed electronics markets and technologies

A European regional development agency wanted to learn about current and likely future status of the broadly-defined printed electronics. IDTechEx presented an overview of the key technological components and trends underpinning printed electronics. IDTechEx then developed qualitative roadmaps, highlighting key technological challenges that are likely to hinder progress. IDTechEx then mapped the global activity in PE, profiling relevant companies, organisations and R&D centres. The client used our findings to identify gaps where its region might have a competitive advantage.

Choosing the best thin film photovoltaic technology for vehicles

A major European car manufacturer wanted to evaluate technological options, development timelines and the opportunity for vehicle integrated photovoltaics. IDTechEx scouted the technology landscape globally and provided a distilled assessment of the latest progress in the performance, manufacture and cost of CIS/CGS, OPV and DSSC technologies. IDTechEx then identified key commercial players leading the way for each technology. IDTechEx recommend the most promising technology option and potential partners for the client's objectives.

Opportunity for supplying specialty substrates in the printed electronics space

A leading supplier of speciality substrates into the packaging industry wanted to assess emerging opportunities in the printed electronics sector. IDTechEx first identified a list of key end users in the following sectors: flexible displays, organic photovoltaics, dye sensitised solar cells, logic and memory. IDTechEx interviewed the key end users to understand their technological needs (smoothness, permeation levels, etc), cost and other business challenges and needs. IDTechEx then developed its detailed market forecasts for the printed electronics sectors, segmented by application. The client used our findings to assess its product computability with current and future needs in the printed electronics sector, and also to focus its business plan on high-growth areas.

End user evaluating OPV and DSSC suppliers

A large Asian container manufacturer wanted to assess the technology readiness and commercial prospects of two key players commercialising organic photovoltaics and dye-sensitized solar cells. IDTechEx arranged interviews and company visits to the target companies, evaluating their technology, core company information, business model and medium term commercial opportunities.

Investing in an RFID antenna manufacturing process

A large Russian investment fund wanted to evaluate market requirements, competitive landscape and manufacturing processes for RFID tag antennas. IDTechEx identified the most common RFID antenna manufacturing processes. We then listed major suppliers and mapped the value chain including chip providers and tag making equipment suppliers. IDTechEx provided detailed company profile including SWOT analysis. The different processes were benchmarked on the basis of estimated production costs. IDTechEx then outlined the five-year market opportunity. Our client made its investment decision in a new antenna production technology on the basis of our findings.

Helping an equipment supplier participate in the printed electronics space

A major European printing equipment supplier wanted to evaluate the emerging business opportunity in the printed electronics sector. IDTechEx first educated its client on the performance, manufacturing, technology readiness, market requirements, and the latest commercialisation progress with different elements of printed electronics. The applications covered include logic and memory, OLED display. OLED lighting, electrophoretic displays, electroluminescent displays, batteries, photovoltaics, conductors and sensors. Specifically, IDTechEx provided a summary of the requirements from the printing perspective, for example, desired resolution, thickness, and printing speed. This requirement set was developed by interviewing technology developers and printers. A comprehensive list of screen printer companies having active programmes on printed electronics was developed and supplied to the client.

Improving brand and marketing using RFID and printed electronics

A leading global food producer wished to identify ways to improve its marketing and enhance its brand using RFID and printed electronic technologies. IDTechEx first educated its non-technical client on RFID and printed electronics, descripting the operation, performance levels, limitations, costs, etc of each technology. IDTechEx developed a graphical timeline capabilities and costs for logic and memory, OLED displays, reflective displays, batteries, photovoltaics, sensors, etc. IDTechEx then identified potential uses of these technologies in the client's global marketing and distribution channels, and determined key suppliers of each technology, profiling their products/technologies and evaluating their technology and market readiness. Client used our findings to define its strategy for using printed electronics in packaging advertisements.

Latest progress in RFID temperature sensors

A leading global supplier of time-temperature sensors for medical goods wanted to scout the latest RFID trends and developments, progress with RFID temperature monitors, and appraise the market. The study covered passive tags, battery-assisted passive tags and active tags. IDTechEx profiled and interpreted the latest technology and market trends for its client.

Focusing research programme to deliver competitive edge

A newly-founded European contract R&D centre wanted to evaluate whether its core competences could give it a competitive edge in the RFID antenna business. IDTechEx assessed multiple RFID antenna manufacturing processes, evaluated production costs, and analysed key commercial success and failure stories. The processes covered include etching, stamping, printing (screen, gravure, flexo, inkjet, etc), electroplating, electroless plating and others. The total market size was segmented by manufacturing market share, and key future trends were highlighted. IDTechEx further provided a detailed cost breakdown of a full RFID tag including chip, substrate attach/assembly. Client used our findings to develop and guide its internal R&D programme.

RFID technology for a national post office

A major national postal service had developed its own internal tracking systems. It however wished to learn of opportunities and threats posed by RFID antennas. IDTechEx spent time educating its client on the technological possibilities, and estimated costs. IDTechEx then compiled a series of cases studies covering organisations and companies that had implemented RFID systems in similar environments. Finally, IDTechEx highlighted convergence areas between RFID systems and the client's home-built internal tracking system.

Using RFID technologies in the oil and gas sector

An American conglomerate wanted to develop a RFID-focused tracking solution business aimed at the oil and gas sector. The client was looking for partners/collaborators with credible and established hardware and software solutions, reliable technology in harsh environment, and current exposure to the oil and gas sector. IDTechEx developed a list of potential partner, and profiled each providing company/technology descriptions, core company information, and a detailed SWOT analysis. IDTechEx selected and recommended one company which satisfied all the client's requirements.

Developing customer/partner network for silver powder supply

A major supplier of silver powders and particles wanted to identify all companies and organisations working on printing low temperature silver inks on flexible substrates worldwide. We used our network and database to identify key companies as well as key points of contact.

Opportunities for microwave-absorbent material supplier in the UHF RFID market

A leading supplier of microwave absorbing materials wanted to evaluate the market opportunity for its own materials portfolio. IDTechEx provided granular and segmented market figures for the UHF RFID market. IDTechEx validated the market needs and trends by carrying out exhaustive interviews with end user groups. Finally, IDTechEx provided a list of key suppliers and potential competitors.

Identifying and selecting RFID tag manufacturer acquisition targets

A smart card manufacturer wanted to expand its business into new areas by making an acquisition. IDTechEx worked with the client to understand its business objectives and investment constraints before searching its database and leveraging its network to identify potential target companies. In particular, IDTechEx identified companies primarily involved in tag manufacture (i.e., making antennas, tags or inlays, etc) with revenues larger than $10 million. IDTechEx further filtered target companies by their value chain position and target markets. Three top companies were recommended and business conversations were facilitated too.

Investing in low-cost electronic locating equipment

A venture capital firm was considering investing in an early stage company supplying low-cost electronic locating equipment. The company was exposed to the Real Time Locating Systems market, which was rapidly growing. IDTechEx identified key market drivers and forecast the likely market opportunity in the medium term. IDTechEx then analysed the likely role that the target company could play in the growing RTLS sector, given its technology and product and the state of the competition. IDTechEx developed two revenue projection scenarios, highlighting the key milestones that underpinned each projection. Client made its investment decision based on our models and assessment.

Evaluating business opportunities in the printed RFID field

A Korean client had a small scale operation manufacturing etched RFID antennas. They wanted to evaluate business opportunities in the printed RFID business. IDTechEx helped its client answer the following questions: (1) what are the business opportunities?; (2) what are the unresolved issues; (3) who is the competition; (4) who are the customers?; (5) what could be the client's selling points/differentiators; and (6) how far are copper inks from market and technology readiness? IDTechEx leveraged its contact network, prior knowledge and access to end user groups to find concrete answers to the client's questions.

OLED lighting and display technology and market trends

A Japanese chemical company wanted to research the latest trends and future forecasts for OLED markets, by product category, display size as well as covering other (non-display) applications. IDTechEx leveraged its contact network, prior knowledge, internal technology assessment and access to end user groups to forecast the market. The forecasts have proved correct five years on, as have our predictions about display size, flexibility and the fortunes of OLED lighting.

Benchmarking RFID tag manufacturing processes

A client wanted to benchmark its own RFID tag manufacturing process against the competition; to compare the equipment set required for its manufacturing process; and to assess end user validation of the market emphasis on process greenness and vertical integration (design, prototype and volume manufacture). The client also wanted to know the major trends in the industry and how these might lead to a paradigm shift. The client used our study to define and highlights its USPs in a competitive marketplace.

Price elasticity for using RFID tags in harsh environments

A passive UHF RFID tag supplier wanted an independent evaluation of the price elasticity in the market for its product range aimed at operation in harsh environments. IDTechEx and client jointly developed a questionnaire. The IDTechEx team then identified key purchases and decision makers in major end users groups, and interviewed them to gauge the product value to them and their maximum purchase price depending on performance. IDTechEx developed a price elasticity range for different market segments (a certain performance level was assumed based on client input). The client modified the revenue projections in its business plan based on our input.

Investing in radios powered by printed battery

A European technology giant had developed a low power radio powered by a printed battery. The client wanted to evaluate the market opportunity before investing in full production. IDTechEx carried out an initial analysis of the market sectors, drivers and opportunity. The IDTechEx team then organised an interactive workshop where the client and IDTechEx analysts discussed the various sectors and options at length. A shortlist of three most promising segments was developed and investigated in depth.

Technology and commercial roadmaps for printed thin film transistors

A system integrator company wanted to assess the likely developments in the technology and commercial roadmaps for printed thin film transistors (TFTs). The client wanted to know the product functions as well as applications enabled by each printed TFT technology. The client also wanted an assessment of the materials and components ecosystems that printed TFTs were likely to enable. Client used our findings to prioritize its limited resource allocation strategy to focus on lower hanging fruit.

Betting on the best barrier technology

A major Japanese chemical company scouted the technology area for emerging barrier technologies that fit with its OLED technology. IDTechEx outlined the latest progress, profiled the technology and commercial success of key developers, and highlighted key technological challenges.

Market opportunity for electrochromic displays

A company developing electrochromic displays wanted to evaluate the market opportunity for its technology, understand general industry trends and indicators of market size. The client also wanted to identify and profile its direct and indirect competitors globally, and determine its competitive advantage. IDTechEx identified all competitors, carrying out exhaustive interviews, and performing detailed SWOT analysis on each rival. IDTechEx then assessed the market opportunity in RFID, healthcare packaging, consumer packaged goods, sensors, games and novelties, and large area displays.

Buying equity in a silver nanoparticle producer

An investor wanted to buy equity in a nano inks producer. IDTechEx was asked to provide an independent sanity check on the company's business plans and revenue projections. IDTechEx first learnt the details of the producer's technology, assets, customer base and assumptions underlying its revenue projection. IDTechEx advised its client that while the company would grow and remain profitable if a lean structure was adopted, the revenue projections were hugely optimistic, especially when set against out market data and other similar case studies.

Unique printed electronics based products

One of the worlds largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, with sales of tens of billions of dollars, engaged IDTechEx to help them conceive and create products based on printed electronics that address their challenges such as the requirement for better consumer interaction with the brand, measurement data, overcoming private label retailer competition with devices that can be patented and improving sales. IDTechEx worked with the research, packaging and product teams in different continents to conceive solutions that are viable. We selected different vendors that could supply the necessary components and provide the integration. We managed risk and IP between the user and vendors. Ultimately, we helped to create two printed electronics based products that were unique. The client evaluated these technologies with their marketing teams.

Developing a flexible electrophoretic display with custom driver units

A €20 billion electrical and electronic company sought to integrate new flexible display technologies in their products, where they have challenges with existing display technologies. They struggled to identify willing suppliers. IDTechEx worked with the client to scope out realistic concepts. We identified, contracted with and managed the suppliers (seven in total) and made one of the worlds first flexible electrophoretic displays, with custom driver units. The project was completed in just five months and the client went on to adopt the display in one of their products commercially, working directly with the vendors after IDTechEx provided introductions.

Organic photovoltaics in the street furniture sector

A $200 million European company wishes to commercialise organic photovoltaics on an industrial scale. The client had identified street furniture as a major target market. IDTechEx identified key potential end users in this sector, and interviewed them with a view to lean their existing challenges and needs for solar solutions. IDTechEx then worked with its client to identify potential challenges that OPVs might address, and highlighted OPV's potential selling points for this market segment.

Competitive advantage in commercialising a barrier technology

A major multi-billion dollar chemical corporation had invested in acquiring a barrier technology alongside a pilot production line. The company wished to develop a detail and comprehensive picture of the competitive landscape based on primary information. IDTechEx identified, interviewed and profile more than twenty leading suppliers and technology developers. IDTechEx mapped the competitive landscape on the basis of technology performance, solution provision, production capacity, target markets, and likely future technical improvement. IDTechEx made strategic recommendations to its client on how best to position its barrier offerings and how to direct its further developments.

Material supply opportunities into sensor markets

A major multi-billion chemical corporation wished to evaluate opportunities for material supply into markets for several sensor technology types. IDTechEx defined key sensor technology types, provided segmented detailed information on current and likely future market size for each sensor type at device, film and material levels, benchmarked incumbent and emerging technology options, and identified key suppliers. IDTechEx next completed a deep dive on the top two most promising markets, developing a detailed assessment of the value chain and its dynamics, while making strategic recommendations to its client.

Market opportunity for polymeric actuators

A $30+ billion Middle Eastern chemical company wanted to identify new opportunities in the actuator world for its polymeric materials. IDTechEx carried out a structured and comprehensive study culminating in a market-driven quantitative technology/requirements roadmap. IDTechEx examined a variety of actuator technologies and applications. In particular, IDTechEx focused on energy harvesting, haptics, auto-focus, vibration-cancellation and touch applications. In each segment, IDTechEx quantitatively benchmarked the relevant technologies, developed an application roadmap, outlined key existing and future applications, assessed competing solutions, listed product parameters on the offer, and developed detailed market forecasts segmented by material, device and addressable market levels. The study involved substantial primary research and the client was weekly updated. The client is now acting on IDTechEx's recommendations.

Intelligence on competitors' activities in printed electronics

A $10 billion Japanese company wanted to obtain business intelligence on the activities of players from around the wolrd including Asia, Europe and America. IDTechEx drew up a comprehensive list of players in printed electronics based on its extensive knowledge and developed briefing cards on each players based on fresh primary interviews and secondary researches through its propitiatory knowledgeable. The study enabled our client to develop a detailed understanding of the emerging competitive landscape around many technologies that fall under printed electronics including displays, lighting, logic and memory, material supply, etc

Strategy session for a CPG company

A multi billion dollar consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, which has a number one market share in its flagship products, sought to understand the latest progress with 3D printing, printed electronics, the Internet of Things and Wearable Technologies. IDTechEx delivered a strategy session on-site to senior members of the CTO office, through which we helped the company understand the state of progress of each technology, key suppliers, costs and roadmaps. Following that we discussed entry points and implications for the company. Our client is now building a few prototypes in the next phase of their work with emerging technologies.

Staying up-to-date with the supercapacitor industry

The client has previously acted on IDTechEx's advice to participate in supplying coating electrodes into the energy storage (e.g., supercapacitor) industry. The client then wished to stay up-to-date with the latest developments within the field. To help our client, IDTechEx delivers two customized bi-annual newsletters, each covering the latest market trends and technical progress, up-to-date and segmented market forecasts, presentation files and highlights from relevant events globally, and five interview-based company profiles. Our client finds this an effective method of keeping up-to-date with this fast-moving industry.

Strategic market segmentation for nanostructures

A $30 billion chemical company wanted to carry out strategic market segmentation for three nanotechnology areas: (1) nanomaterials and functional surfaces. IDTechEx provided granular market segmentation for all these technologies, assessing their potential value propositions and challenges per application sector. IDTechEx interviewed many end users and suppliers for primary information, enabling it to obtain detailed information about the progress, production methods, production capacity, product metric, investment, etc of key players. IDTechEx next developed a granular and systematic ten-year market forecast model, enabling it to estimate the addressable and the actual market per segment. IDTechEx then mapped the value chain and finally provided strategic advice to its next steps.

Commercialization roadmap for organic photovoltaics

A $250 million European company wanted to develop its commercialisation roadmap for its developing organic photovoltaic technology. The client wanted IDTechEx to focus on the solar charger market, particularly focused on the off-grid sector in the developing world. IDTechEx identified all the key existing suppliers and the major distributors into this market, many of which were social enterprises or charities. IDTechEx next interviewed the right contacts at these companies and enterprises, learning about their progress, client feedback, unresolved challenges, product development roadmaps, product pricing and cost structure, etc. IDTechEx is continuing to work with the client to develop its business approach towards for penetrating into this sector, which we think is on the cusp of rapid growth.

Material supply opportunities into the 3D printing sector

A $7 billion material company wanted to understand the business landscape for photopolymer supply into the 3D printing sector. IDTechEx identified all the key suppliers in the market and interviewed the right contacts to obtained business-critical primary information. Furthermore, IDTechEx assessed the main trends and drivers impacting the growth of photopolymers in various sector. Finally, IDTechEx developed a granular market assessment, providing ten-year market forecasts for photopolymers in the 3D sector segmented by territory, by end user and by supplier. The client is using our analysis to develop its position and strategy in this market segment.

Acquiring technology for sub-micro particle production

A $4 billion Asian material company wanted to expand its product offerings. More specifically, it wanted to acquire the technology to develop sub-micron particles more efficiently. This would expand choice for their customers and also act as a hedged bet, protecting their current product line-up against the risk of technology change. IDTechEx identified all the companies with the right technology in Europe and North America. IDTechEx achieved this by first developing a comprehensive list of potential candidates and then narrowing it down based on the technology requirements set by the client. Next, IDTechEx interviewed the top five candidates, further narrowing the list to three recommended companies. Next, we put our client in contact with the recommended firms, enabling them to directly pursue partnership talks.

Future of inkjet printing in printed electronics

A major investment firm with a large exposure to the inkjet industry wanted to evaluate the potential opportunities and risks presented by the emergence of printed electronics. IDTechEx developed a custom presentation for the client and sent a team of experts to brief the client's team in an interactive session.

Investing in a carbon nanotube company

An Asian investment wanted to invest in a US-based carbon nanotube company. We helped our client perform a detailed due diligence. More specifically, we helped them outline the competitive landscape, assess company positioning, built up production cost, identify the uniques of the target company and critically appraise its cost and quality position, assess target markets and estimate the total production capacity and utilization rates now, estimate market size (value and volume) now and forecast its future, and critical evaluate the strengths and weakness of the management team and strategy.

3D printing competitive landscape & technology hype curve

A $300 billion Asian company wanted to understand the competitive landscape in 3D printing with a focus on equipment makers. IDTechEx developed a comprehensive excel sheet for the client outlining key information about suppliers including name, country, estimated revenue, equipment line-up, typical prices, number of people, etc. Furthermore, IDTechEx developed two hype charts for the client. The first mapped the various additive manufacturing technologies on the hype cycle, while the second mapped the applications (emerging and existing) on the hype curve.

Growth opportunities for materials consumed in 3D printing

A project to investigate the market for materials that may be used in 3D printing, understand the market needs and define options to accelerate participation. IDTechEx established a list of companies to interview based on existing knowledge, desk searches and conference attendance. We leveraged our network, visibility, sales team and also event organisation to arrange interviews. Our topic experts and consultants carried out the interviews, and compiled, analysed and presented the information. IDTechEx highlighted and analyzed the drivers and restraints affecting the entire 3D printing industry and also specific areas of interest. The segment-by-segment focus is crucial because different 3D printing methods and applications will have different market dynamics. Here, external trends, drivers, barriers and other parameters will be identified and fully assessed. Accurate and importantly up-to-date market breakdowns by applications and material types were developed for this fast-changing space. IDTechEx benchmarked competing solutions and material options using material properties and processing parameters, as well as other factors such as technology readiness, cost, and availability. IDTechEx estimated volume demand for materials by end use or application, segmenting the market as much as possible, covering automotive, aerospace, medical, dental, home, consumer products, and construction.

Market assessment for strategy towards 3D printing

The objective of this study was to provide a comprehensive overview of the 3D printing industry, including both its current and future states, to help our client make informed decisions about their strategy towards 3D printing. In particular, we assessed challenges, forces, drivers and changes within the 3D printing industry, and assess the impact of 3D printing on other industries. IDTechEx developed a comprehensive competitive map of the industry, both on a product and a company level. We identified the key challenges facing end users in several key target markets, and developed a technology roadmap projecting how various 3D printing technologies are likely to evolve. We also reached out to our network of contacts in the industry to develop interview-based case studies assessing how industries can be disrupted or affected by 3D printing.

Performance targets for an emerging device

A multi billion global materials company was assessing markets for a new technology that they had developed internally. They wanted to assess the feasibility of this technology for use in displays, various sensors and energy harvesting, targeting the wearable technology and consumer electronics space. IDTechEx provided detailed parameter benchmarking of all of incumbent options for each technology type, including performance metrics, and cost evaluations. These were then tied to specific performance targets that must be met if the client was to enter these markets with their new technology offerings. This allowed the client to develop long-term, division-wide strategies based on our findings

Assessing market opportunities in printed electronics

A $30 Billion company wanted to assess their opportunities for the printed electronics market. IDTechEx provided an advisory service where we helped the company understand the entire landscape, bottlenecks and opportunities and then we worked with them to create product concepts. The company has now developed several printed electronics solutions, which it will sell, and based on the success of that look to invest further in the technology.

Competitive landscape for sensor indicators

IDTechEx helped a leading supplier of sensor indicators understand the competitive landscape in their field, market trends and drivers (based on interviews with end users across different market segments) and made recommendations to what they should invest in.

Best positioning in the RFID apparel market

IDTechEx helped a university spin out understand the RFID apparel market, with advice on best positioning and market entry, in addition to who to talk to. We provided introductions to several relevant parties.

Identifying key marketing message

IDTechEx helped this client develop key marketing messages based on their technology capability versus what was needed by their potential customers. We helped transform the company in this regard, and further provided introductions with several key end users where the company is now having detailed ongoing discussions.

Market for a speciality nanomaterial

A multi billion dollar chemical company wanted to understand the actual market size in a speciality material. IDTechEx identified and interviewed the players around the world, including the companies using the material and those supplying equipment for it to verify the market size as much as possible. The detailed analysis helped our client reevaluate the resources it allocates to this business unit.

Market entry strategy into the RFID tag manufacture value chain

IDTechEx provided a strategic advisory service to a multi billion euro company looking to server the RFID and printed electronics market. We assesses their technology and the industry to identify the best way to enter the market and what could realistically be achieved.

Impact of 3D printing on supply chain of the medical industry

A major healthcare device provider wanted to understand the impact of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies on the business models and supply chains in the medical market. IDTechEx studied the triggers of the transition to additive manufacturing, changes in business models throughout the value chain, the loss and gain of economic value, and the total economic impact on these industries. This included primary interviews with players throughout the value chains of both industries to establish the effects of transitioning to a new technology.

Keeping an eye on adjacent markets

A major Asian material supplier wanted to keep an eye out on a promising but fast changing market that was adjacent to its core business. IDTechEx established three on-site briefings for their team in Asia over the course of one year. At each session, IDTechEx briefed the customer about the latest market developments and growing opportunities/ threats. In the end, the client, decided to put its plan for this market on hold as the market conditions deteriorated into a brutal consolidation phase during that year.

Detailed production cost model for a backplane factory

A major chemical company taking an innovating sensing material from its lab to the market. We had engaged with them from the first stage of its innovation management process. At gate three, the upper management needed to be convinced of the business case. In particular, it wanted to know the manufacturing cost at scale. IDTechEx developed a detailed production cost model, taking into account the production process, material/equipment costs, likely yield levels, etc. This model was used to help our client advanced to the next stage and receive further internal funding.

Opportunities for material supply in photovoltaics and energy strorage

A material company claimed that it had developed an innovative ink material that could be applied to the photovoltaic and energy storage applications. It wanted IDTechEx to present its assessment of the end market to its board.

Potential of silicon material in battery anodes

A startup was looking to have an independent assessment of their silicon material for lithium ion batteries. We outlined the competitive landscape, benchmarked their technology against competitors and forecast the future demand. We further set them performance targets that they had to hit before reading the market. We are now finding them appropriate development partners.

Opportunities for nanocarbon material in post lithium-ion battery technologies

A major chemical company wanted to evaluate the business opportunity for its carbon-based nanomaterial in energy storage applications. We helped by outlining the current progress, identifying key technical challenges, soliciting honest feedback from current suppliers, and performing voice-of-customer analysis. The client used our research and advice to allocate more resource to its research while giving it a better direction.

Opportunities for binders in ultracapacitors

A $6 billion chemical company, in the business of supplying binders for the lithium battery sector, was interested in understanding the market opportunities in the emerging ultracapacitor industry. We provided a comprehensive analysis of the industry, technologies and binder materials. We analyzed the evolution of the role of binders in ultracapacitors now, and provided a detailed value chain map including an analysis of the main players supplying binders to the industry and their market share.

New powder supply opportunities

A major Asian material supplier wanted to keep an eye out on a promising but fast changing market that was adjacent to its core business. IDTechEx established three on-site briefings for their team in Asia over the course of one year. At each session, IDTechEx briefed the customer about the latest market developments and growing opportunities/ threats. In the end, the client, decided to put its plan for this market on hold as the market conditions deteriorated into a brutal consolidation phase during that year.

Accelerating business development for silver nano-particle inks

A new innovative start-up had just launched a new conductive ink. It wanted to accelerate its commercialisation efforts. We leveraged our market insight and contacts to identify potential customers across many application sectors and across the globe. We used our relationships to help open doors for our client. As a result, our client is already in advanced discussions with potential buyers.

Developing an e-textile ecosystem for a traditional textile manufacturer

A multi-billion-dollar textile company wanted to diversify its product portfolio by offering smart or electronic textiles. It had constructed a dedicated team and put aside substantial budget to fund this innovation. It needed to identify promising partners or acquisition targets globally. IDTechEx identified 50 relevant companies in the field, interviewed the twenty most promising ones, and recommend the top six that had the best match. Our client is now negotiating with this firms to help build its innovation ecosystem.

Helping a traditional printer diversify into printed electronics

A European printing house was facing declining markets and wanted to leverage its assets and printing know-how to diversify into the growing printed electronics. It recruited IDTechEx as its advisor. We taught them about the different markets and associated technical challenges, helping them narrow their discussion to three relevant and achievable segments of large-area electronics. Our recommendation were presented to the board, which is currently deliberating on the final course of action to take.

Finding new niche markets for flexible glass outside displays

A major Japanese substrate manufacturer wanted to explore how its product could be applied to the flexible or printed sensor market. IDTechEx carried out an extensive voice-of-customer analysis, analysing the substrate-related wish-list and pain-points of a wide variety of sensor manufacturers. The result was that our client's product was not suitable for this market as it neither offered a must-have performance nor helped lower cost. At least the client has now closed the case and moved on.

Analysis of the Aerogel Market Supply Chain

A multi-billion dollar material, technology, and service provider was looking to assess the potential opportunities within the aerogel market supply chain. IDTechEx provided comprehensive technical analysis of the manufacturing processes for all types and form of aerogels, both at present and with a look to emerging developments. This included a bespoke 10-year forecast for specific consumption values and a critical assessment of current and future industrial-scale projects. The client used the insight gained from our research to provide a deeper understanding and clarity for their global strategy in this field.

Entering the flexible electronics market

IDTechEx helped a company providing vacuum equipment that wanted to enter the flexible electronics market. We did a study of potential competitors, their success and assessed the research centers and companies in a position to buy vacuum processing equipment and why they needed it. We then provided introductions to our client with potential purchasers of their equipment.

IDTechEx assessed a new type of sensor for a multi billion Dollar company that provides unique capabilities.

IDTechEx assessed a new type of sensor for a multi billion Dollar company that provides unique capabilities. Using a benchmarking system we assessed over 100 potential applications of the sensor to prioritise the top five most likely to need the capabilities offered by the sensor. A deep dive was then conducted on each to provide strategic recommendations for market entry in the top two chosen applications.

A multi billion Euro company involved in inks wanted to move into the electronics industry.

A multi-billion Euro company involved in inks wanted to move into the electronics industry. IDTechEx provided a two day workshop where our experts assessed their technology and capabilities, and then taught them about the relevant markets and competitive landscape. The workshop them went through approaches the company could take, finalizing an actionable plan tailored to the strengths of the company.

IDTechEx provided a roadmap study to a Government funded organization

IDTechEx provided a roadmap study to a Government funded organization. They wanted to understand the technology development that could be expected over the next five years to align their funding and research activities to fit.

IDTechEx provides in-depth tutorials

IDTechEx provided an in-depth tutorial on the entire printed, flexible and electronics market landscape for an early stage investment company. This covered other appraisals of existing technologies and markets. The session then looked at companies meeting our Clients' investment criteria.

IDTechEx sized the conductive ink market

A multi billion Dollar Japanese company came to IDTechEx to size the conductive ink market. Our Client was looking to understand the real size and make up of applications in order to decide if it was a segment where they would make further investment.

Product opportunity assessment in the 3D printing software industry

A multi-billion Asian company wished to obtain an overview of the 3D printing industry, focusing on the 3D printing software market. IDTechEx identified all key suppliers in the market and profiled key contacts across the value chain to gain insight into key challenges facing end users of 3D printing software, both current and long-term. We identified multiple potential product opportunities for our client and developing corresponding strategies for entry.

Strategy development for new human interface technologies

IDTechEx worked with a leading global automotive company to develop a strategy for developing human interface technology, both for potential use in a vehicle but also beyond into other products. IDTechEx worked with the client over a period of five months to characterise hundreds of companies spanning several key technology areas. These included many different types of both wearable and remote sensors, actuators and flexible/conformal electronic systems. IDTechEx also investigated future opportunities around feedback systems that could exist between humans and machines, using technology to characterise features such as emotion, arousal and other physiological parameters, including brain-computer interfaces. The project concluded with IDTechEx recommending clear areas of opportunity, allowing the client to direct ongoing R&D and business development efforts.

Assessment of protein design software and protein expression technologies

IDTechEx worked with a leading automotive company which wished to understand the state-of-the-art in protein design and production for the creation of novel biosensors and actuators. The company wanted a landscape analysis and recommendation of software and academic groups in computational protein design, and a database of key research in protein expression technology. IDTechEx provided detailed analysis of over a hundred software programs and research articles for the client, as well as recommendations on future academic collaborators.