Battery-assisted Passive RFID: “ The Best of Both Worlds” (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Dr Ashish Asthana, VP Marketing and Product Strategy
Intelleflex Corp, United States

Presentation summary

The speaker will discuss the underlying technology differences between passive, battery-assisted passive and active RFID technologies and then correlate with the feature set brought forward by battery-assisted passive technology in the context of price and performance. It is posited that Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) tags represent the "Best of Both Worlds" - between high performance, reliability, and functionality offered by active RFID tags at prices closer to passive tags.
Breakthrough performance features of BAP RFID technology include:
  • Up to 100 meter read range
  • >99% read/write accuracy
  • 64 Kbit user read/write memory
  • Compatibility with EPC standards
Applications addressed include:
  • Asset Management
  • Yard Management
  • Parts tracking in manufacturing and maintenance
  • Zonal access control
  • Nested supply chain

Speaker biography

In his role as the leader for Intelleflex's Marketing and Product Strategy, Ashish Asthana is tasked with market development, customer needs assessment and engagement, as well as supporting ROI-driven, RFID-enabled applications. Mr. Asthana is a strong believer in enabling customer success as they seek better utilization and management of their assets.
Ashish Asthana has extensive experience in both technology and marketing in the electronics industry. Prior to founding Intelleflex, he served in various management positions in marketing, product management, and technology development at Lam Research Corporation, which supplies complex, multi-million dollar systems to the semiconductor industry. Prior to Lam Research, he was with IBM Microelectronics in both technical and strategic marketing roles, where he worked to commercialize IBM's key technologies for microelectronic applications.
He has Ph.D and MS degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a B.Tech degree from IIT, Kanpur.

Company profile

Intelleflex is an intelligent RFID platform company, enabling solutions where tagged objects can be identified and tracked, remember critical information, sense their environment and communicate wirelessly. Intelleflex provides an end-to -end hardware solution for high-value applications such as asset tracking, nested supply chain, and yard management.