Miniaturizing Batteries For Next Generation Implantable Medical Devices (Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020)

Dr Denis Pasero, Product Commercialisation Manager
Ilika Technologies Ltd
United Kingdom

Presentation Summary

The next generation of medical sensing devices will be placed directly on nerves, in the heart or lungs, or on contact lenses! There is now a requirement for miniaturizing the electronic components in these ever-shrinking devices, whilst at the same time increasing their functionality and connectivity. This puts pressure on the batteries powering the device with a need for high energy density in mm3-scale volumes. Ilika has designed a range miniature and ultra-thin solid state batteries for these applications.

Speaker Biography (Denis Pasero)

Denis Pasero joined Ilika Technologies in 2008, as a scientist specializing in battery technology, to manage commercial lithium ion projects. He became part of the Ilika team to apply his strong academic knowledge to commercial applications and saw the potential to be part of the development and success story of an enterprising smaller company with exciting technology and novel product ideas. Today, as Product Commercialization Manager, Denis interfaces between customers and technical teams.

Company Profile (Ilika)

Ilika is a pioneer in solid state battery technology and materials innovation. Ilika's range of solid state Stereax® batteries includes miniaturised batteries for powering wireless sensors deployed in applications ranging from hostile industrial environments to medical implants. Ilika has also recently extended its roadmap to develop larger format cells suitable for providing automotive power.
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