New Generation Of Fire Protective Coatings Using Graphene (Graphene USA 2017)

Dr Dusan Losic, Researcher
University of Adelaide

Presentation Summary

Graphene and graphene based materials are moving from academia to industry space across many sectors showing the first signs of "graphene industrialization". In this talk, some of the latest developments on the production and applications of "jumbo" pristine graphene, with unique properties produced from graphite will be presented. Specific focus will be to show recent research on the development of a new generation of graphene based fire resistive coating and fire retardants, their outstanding performance and future product developments.

Speaker Biography (Dusan Losic)

Dusan is Professor at the School of Chemical Engineering, within the University of Adelaide and Director of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Graphene Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation. He completed his PhD (2003) in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Flinders University, Australia after he received several Australian prestigious fellowships including the ARC Research Fellow and ARC Future fellow. Currently he is leading the Nano Research group of >20 researchers and the ARC Graphene Hub with >40 researchers. His interdisciplinary research in nanoscience and nanotechnology is focused on engineering new materials including graphene and their applications to address health, environmental, energy and agriculture problems. He has published 3 books, 20 book chapters, >250 journal papers (13 journal covers), >80 conference papers, >150 conference presentations, 8 patents and 5 licensed technologies.

Company Profile (University of Adelaide)

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The University of Adelaide located in South Australia and is one of the Australia's leading teaching and research universities. The University is the head of ARC Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation, which is the first integrative initiative between Universities and Industry for translation of graphene research. The University Graphene research team is working with First Graphene Limited (ASX:FGR formerly First Graphite Ltd) on several exciting developments on graphene production, and the development graphene products such as graphene fire retardants, graphene polymer composites, protective coatings and construction materials.
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