Creating Negative Emissions Using Hydrokinetic Energy (Energy Harvesting USA 2017)

Dr Hal Gokturk, Founder
United States

Presentation Summary

The presentation will overview why negative emissions are necessary and outline several requirements to carry out a related process, including global applicability, utilization of renewable energy, ability to terminate if unforeseen problems arise, and low cost implementation. Then, proposed hydrokinetic method will be described and compared with other approaches discussed in the scientific community.

Speaker Biography (Hal Gokturk)

Dr. Gokturk is the founder of Ecoken, a public benefit research lab investigating solutions to environmental problems. Before starting Ecoken, Dr. Gokturk worked as a senior scientist in the industry, developing materials and devices for consumer electronics applications. Dr. Gokturk has numerous US and international patents and presents his research frequently at technical conferences.

Company Profile (Ecoken)

Ecoken logo
Ecoken is a social enterprise dedicated to advancing science in the areas of clean energy, environmental protection and sustainability. Ecoken aims to develop innovative solutions to global problems such as climate change and increasing demand for limited natural resources. At present, Ecoken is pursuing five research areas:
1. Environmentally friendly consumption of fossil fuels,
2. Efficient harvesting and storage of renewable energy,
3. Low cost electricity from renewable sources,
4. Improving efficiency of electricity consuming applications,
5. Engineering of the climate for a prosperous world.
Research results are disseminated to the scientific community and the general public via technical conferences.
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