Printed Thin Film Transistors Using Semi-Conductive Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Complexes (Printed Electronics USA 2018)

Dr Junji Wakita, Senior Research Engineer-R&D Planning Dept.
Toray Industries, Inc

Presentation Summary

We have achieved high performance on printed TFTs with mobility over 108 cm2/Vs, which is world leading level performance as printed TFTs, using complexes between highly enriched semi-conducive single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and semi-conductive polymers. The promising applications of SWCNT-TFTs are disposable ICs and sensors for IoT devices.

Speaker Biography (Junji Wakita)

He joined Toray Industries, Inc. in 2010 and has developed electronic and information materials, including thermally resistant resins and carbon nanotube TFTs. Since 2015, he has also engaged in market development of carbon nanotube TFTs. He has a Ph.D. in engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.

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