Enhanced Additive Manufacturing Solutions For Personalized Health Care Applications With Silicones Elastomers' (3D Printing USA 2018)

Dr Remi Thiria, Science & Technology Leader
Elkem Silicones
United States

Speaker Biography (Remi Thiria)

Dr. Remi Thiria has been with Elkem Silicones for 18 years during which he has held several positions such as polymer chemist and Innovation team leader. His main area of technical expertise is silicone elastomer materials used in high-tech markets such as Healthcare, Textile Coating, Automotive and Transportation. Dr. Remi THIRIA is now responsible for developing and fostering contacts and relationships with academia and professional organizations but also for identifying and conducting initial investigations of 'step change' technologies. Dr. Thiria is located in York, South Carolina, USA.

Company Profile (Elkem Silicones)

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Elkem Silicones offers a full range of silicone materials for medical and electronic applications, including LSRs, HCRs, RTVs, skin adhesives, gels, foams, industrial adhesives and sealants, and conductive potting materials. In addition, we offer developmental silicone materials suitable for additive manufacturing or 3D printing applications.
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