Encapsulation of Active RFID Tags for Harsh Environments (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Mr Tom Anderson, Product Manager
AVX Corp, United States


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Presentation Summary

AVX has developed a low temperature, low pressure molding process to encapsulate PCB's and electronics modules without damaging any of the components (including batteries). This industry proven process is ideal for Active RFID Tags where mechanical robustness or severe chemical/atmospheric environments are present. This one shot molding process creates a complete package with integral mounting features or specific configurations to meet individual application needs.

Speaker Biography

Tom Anderson is the Product Manager for Custom Interconnect Technology at AVX Corporation's ELCO connector division. He has worked at ELCO for 19
years in various marketing and technical sales roles. For the last five years he has been responsible for ruggedized/environmental packaging solutions and has over 25 years of experience in the connector market. Tom has written and presented many application papers on encapsulation technology and materials, contact technology and connector customization for improved reliability.

Company Profile

AVX Corporation , a world leader in passive components technology has introduced a low temperature / low pressure molding process. Fully populated PCBs can be encapsulated in a one-shot operation. The PolyTectâ„¢ process is ideal for Industrial / Automotive applications where ruggedness and reliability are critical parameters. It is component friendly at the PCB level, yet extremely robust and environmentally protective in the final overmolded package.