The Cost-Saving Potential Of Generative Design And Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing & 3D Electronics Europe 2020)

Jesse Coors-Blankenship, SVP of Technology
United States

Presentation Summary

The concurrent evolution of generative design and additive manufacturing will unlock the potential for rapid innovation and significant cost savings for industrial companies. Designers will be more productive as Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows them to consider the full possibility space of manufacturable designs, simulating and optimizing multiple designs in parallel. Generative design can autonomously optimize designs for additive manufacturing, unlocking greater freedom to print high-performance parts while reducing material consumption. This will empower designers to create a range of new products, from lightweight vehicles with enhanced fuel efficiency to tools and replacement parts that can be printed on demand.

Speaker Biography (Jesse Coors-Blankenship)

Jesse Coors-Blankenship is a Senior Vice President of Advanced Development in Generative Design at PTC. Jesse was the CEO of Frustum Inc. an advanced generative design software startup which he founded in 2013 and sold to PTC in 2018. Before starting Frustum Inc., Jesse was a professor at Columbia University where he taught students how to use generative design technologies. Generative design is when artificial intelligence and human know-how combine to automatically design mechanical parts from user requirements. This revolution in design is what Jesse pioneered and patented at Frustum Inc. At PTC, Jesse continues to pioneer generative design research while integrating the technology into Creo and Onshape Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.