Development Of Roll To Roll Nano-Patterning Process For PE Devices (Printed Electronics USA 2017)

Kazuma Komatsu,
Asahi Kasei Corporation

Presentation Summary

For upcoming IoT world, we are developing Roll to Roll Nano-patterning process for manufacturing huge amounts of the sensors at low cost.
The most important technology is Seamless Roller Mold (SRM), which have sub-micron Resolution.
We would like to introduce the fabrication process of SRM,some PE products, and AsahiKasei's Roadmap.

Speaker Biography (Kazuma Komatsu)

Kazuma Komatsu joined Asahi Kasei Corporation in 2012 after graduating from Tokyo University.
He has been working on processing technology such as coating and printing.
His expert areas are converting technology.
From 2013 , he has been joinning a project of patterning technology development for printed electronics and he has achieved R2R nano-patterning process.

Company Profile (Asahi Kasei Corporation)

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Founded in 1922, the Asahi Kasei Group is a diversified manufacturer centered on chemistry. Throughout more than nine decades of growth, we have continued to proactively diversify and adapt our operating portfolio to changes in the economy, changes in society, and changes in the environment. We are now a major global enterprise with operations in the four business sectors of Chemicals & Fibers, Housing & Construction Materials, Electronics, and Health Care and having consolidated annual sales of some $18 billion with 29 thousand employees and 130 consolidated subsidiaries.
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