Leveraging Wi-Fi networks for Active RFID: case studies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare (Active RFID Europe 2006)

Mr Andris Berzins, Managing Director Europe
AeroScout, Latvia


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Presentation Summary

  • How Wi-Fi networks can be used not only for voice and data but also for location and asset tracking
  • AeroScout's solution for any environment - indoors, outdoors, even explosion-proof areas
  • Case studies of real deployments at Boeing, Bronson Hospital and other large customers

Speaker Biography

Mr. Berzins has extensive experience in designing positioning solutions for enterprises in many different vertical markets and has led AeroScout's entry into the RFID and WLAN location markets. Prior to his current position, he was Case Team Leader at Bain & Company, a global strategy-consulting firm, where he advised large corporations on operations, corporate strategy, acquisitions and market entry strategies. He has 12 years experience working with manufacturing, logistics and utility companies on operational and strategic issues.
Mr. Berzins earned an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BSc (Hons.) from City University in London, England. He is a member of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

Company Profile

AeroScout is the market leader in enterprise visibility solutions based on Wi-Fi and other wireless-networking standards. The AeroScout Visibility System utilizes the power of innovative positioning technology to provide real business benefits through real-time location (RTLS), active radio-frequency identification (Active RFID) and telemetry. Our partnerships with Cisco Systems, IBM Global Services and other leading technology providers have brought AeroScout hardware and software to over 100 customers in healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and other industries.