Low Cost RFID – a reality today! (RFID Smart Labels USA 2006)

Mr Geva Barash, CEO
Parelec Inc, United States


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Presentation Summary

  • How can we achieve low cost RFID today
  • Ways to grow your business with printed RFID

Speaker Biography

Geva Barash, is serving as the CEO of Parelec as of April 2005. During this time sales and production at Parelec have increased dramatically and production of the conductive inks today equals over 20 millions antennas a month while increasing the customer base by ten folds.
Geva Barash, served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nur America Inc. between the years 1998 - 2000 and 2003- 2005. The duties included overseeing sales and marketing activities in North and Latin America for machines and consumables. Through his experience and insight, Mr. Barash increased sales by over 400% at NUR, thereby contributing to the company's 800% increase in stock during this time period.
The company revenues increased to $55M annually during my tenure
Geva Barash, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for i-Ray Technologies, Inc., CEO for i-ray US. The duties were for sales, marketing activities, and the establishment of the company in the United States and eventually worldwide. Mr. Barash's present role includes the development of a nation-wide distribution network, establishing relations with end-users, and setting up a comprehensive Customer Support Network. In addition, Mr. Barash also deals with the daily activities of running the U.S. based company.
Mr. Barash also served as Sales Director for Idanit USA, Inc. During his tenure, he was responsible for all sales in North and Latin America, as well as the introduction and marketing activities of new products. There, he was also responsible for building the company's direct sales and distribution channel to support new product launches and other company growth initiatives.

Company Profile

Parelec develops, manufactures and markets Parmod® VLT conductive inks and pastes. Parmod® inks differ from other conductive inks in that their patented chemistry uses silver or other metals more efficiently to provide for 3-5 times greater conductivity and lower cost. Parmod® silver inks are applied by screen, rotary-screen or gravure printing processes on paper or polyester substrates to provide low cost RFID antenna with read distance equivalent to traditional etched antenna.