Mesh Network Applied to Logistics: Opportunities and Challenges (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2011)

Mr Paul Berenberg, Director, Firmware Engineering
Cubic Global Tracking Solutions
United States
Nov 15, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Challenging technical requirements for WSN in logistics. Comparison with other applications.
  • Economical challenges for WSN in asset tracking, i.e. competition with barcodes, passive, active, and general expectation of any ID must be a fraction of the cost.
  • Technical and economical challenges in logistics are real, but opportunities are also incredible based on potential quantities and services.
  • CGTS story: solving these challenges in real world and opening up for RAND licensing.

Speaker Biography (Paul Berenberg)

Paul is the architect of CGTS ultra-low power ad-hoc wireless mesh networking system for transportation and logistics applications. He spearheaded this FIPS secure and exceptionally scalable mesh solution from inception to deployment for DoD Next Generation Wireless Communication for Logistics Applications (NGWC). Paul directs CGTS software organization responsible for design, development, and test of short range wireless solutions. Prior to joining CGTS, Paul worked as the member of technical staff at Dust Networks where he became passionate about Internet of Things. He has over 20 years of engineering, management, and entrepreneurship experience.

Company Profile (Cubic Global Tracking Solutions)

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Cubic Global Tracking Solutions (GTS) and its Global Sentinel(r) family of products offers an innovative, affordable solution to provide immediate reporting on the location, condition, and security of valuable and high-risk assets. CGTS is a leader in the industry, having developed a secure Mesh Asset Wireless Network Solution, (mist (tm)), which employs an 802.14.5 wireless sensor network (WSN) to track and monitor assets without fixed infrastructure. As a subcontractor for the Army's Next Generation Wireless Communications (NGWC) technology program, CGTS has developed and deployed encrypted, ultra-low powered wireless mesh for DoD, technology that enables the Army Mobile Asset Tracking System as well as many commercial applications.
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