Contract Manufacturing And Engineering In OLCD Glass-Free Flexible Display (Printed Electronics Europe 2020)

Mr Boris Galkin, Business Development Director

Presentation Summary

The development of glass‐free organic LCDs (OLCDs) promises a future of thin, lightweight, and shatterproof screens that are scalable to large areas and capable of sidestepping flat screens' limitations to embrace curved surfaces.
We develop Gen 2.5 scale industrial level technology of organic TFT with low temperatures required to produce these organic transistors enables the use of flexible plastic substrates. As a result, they are ultrathin, lightweight, and shatterproof, and can be cut and shaped onto concave or convex surfaces. Our organic TFT matrix will allow to reach OLCD panel with the following performances: mobility ~ 1.5 (cm2V-1s-1), electrical leakage < 1e-17 allowing for power driving models and flexible design, bend radius ~ 10 (mm) wrappable around almost any surface, thickness without backlight ~ 0.3 (mm), weight ~ 0.025 (g/cm2), and easy freeform turned into different form factors.
In addition to the electrical and processing advantages our TFT matrixes possess greater electrical stability, with lower‐threshold voltage shifts under high‐voltage reliability testing.
Within next two month we plan to produce first 100 TFT Gen 2.5 platforms and increase output up to 1000 units per month by the end of the year, that will allow, together with our partners, to produce the first batch of industrial manufactured OLCD displays within this year.

Speaker Biography (Boris Galkin)

Boris Galkin is a managing director of TENFlecs. Boris has over 10 years in various leader positions in technology and media areas. He is also a member of TechnoSpark serial entrepreneur venture building team, overseeing a few startups in the field of flexible electronics.

Company Profile (TENFlecs)

TENFlecs is a contract manufacturing facility for thin-film ICs and TFT backplanes based on IGZO and organic TFT technologies. Target applications are logic (RFID, NFC, memory, CMOS), sensors (fingerprint, X-Ray, pressure) and displays (LCD, OLED and EPD) with total capacity of up to 10,000 sqm of TFTs a year.
TENFlecs technology partners IMEC, Holst Centre and FlexEnable have decades of applied R&D experience in various fields of flexible electronics. TENFlecs partners with the leading material and equipment suppliers which make the line compatible with the technologies of Asian foundries for ramp up when demand is secured.
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