A Viable Solution For Ambient RF Energy Harvesting (Energy Harvesting USA 2017)

Mr Christian Pennisi, Director of Operations-Sales & Marketing
Jennova Inc
United States

Presentation Summary

The method of harvesting ambient radio frequencies in order to trickle charge low power devices has been in use for several years now. The Ambient RF energy harvesters that have had the most success up to this point are typically not harvesting truly ambient RF waves but are instead harvesting from an intentionally broadcast signal. While this method has been beneficial in some limited scenarios it requires a greater amount of power to generate the broadcast signal than is harvested and it lacks the idealized mobility of truly harvesting from ambient waves. Jennova is now working with a new RF energy harvesting method that has the potential of harvesting approximately 1mW from purely ambient RF. The patented circuit enables the simultaneous collection a of multiple frequencies and combines their individual contributions to produce higher power output. This method of truly ambient RF energy harvesting will create many low-cost EH-powered IoT solutions that will be virtually maintenance free and incredibly simple to install.

Speaker Biography (Christian Pennisi)

An avid entrepreneur, Christian Pennisi got his start in business at 16 when he began his own online reselling company. Since that time, he has worked in business development and marketing for a number of other businesses. He joined Jennova in 2010 and has played a crucial role in reframing the company internally as well as breaching into new market spaces.

Company Profile (Jennova Inc.)

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Founded in 2008, Jennova was established with the vision of developing new energy harvesting methods in order to play a role in creating a more sustainable future. Since the company's inception they have developed multiple unique electrodynamic energy harvesting methods, such as direct motion, vibration, flow, and more. They now operate as an R&D firm that works with companies to develop energy harvesting solutions designed for the clients specific environment and with their end goal in mind.
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