Hearables: How Bose Is Building The Next Generation of Smart Wearables (Wearable Europe 2020)

Mr Michael Ludden, Global Head of Developer Advocacy
Bose Corporation
United States

Presentation Summary

Join this session to learn about the innovative new wearables that are defining a new category of "hearables" as well as audio augmented reality. What does it mean and why is it a potentially potent new lane for XR and the world of smart wearables. Here's a hint: it's all about the *lack* of a screen and leveraging other senses and heuristics. Attendees can expect to leave this session with minds blown and, hopefully, full of an expanded array of viable concepts and ideas that can be used to build a more human computer interface with smart wearables.

Speaker Biography (Michael Ludden)

Michael Ludden is a technologist, futurist, strategist and product leader who loves to operate on the bleeding edge of what's possible and is a frequent keynote speaker at events around the world. Currently Principal Augmented Reality Evangelist at Bose, Michael was previously Director of Product at IBM's Watson Developer Labs & AR/VR Labs, Product/Developer Marketing Manager Lead at Google, Head of Product/Developer Marketing at Samsung and Product/Developer Evangelist at HTC, among other career stops. He has also been involved at various times in development, co-founding startups, tech show hosting, and even cruise-ship singing (don't ask). As passionate about solving complex real-world problems as he is about Immersive Technologies (AR/VR) and Machine Learning (AI), Michael is also fascinated by all things futurist, and has been continuously involved in the creation of some of the most innovative new products and use cases that exist on the bleeding edge of emerging technology today.

Company Profile (Bose)

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