Bridging The gap: Tuning The Chemistry To Make Functionally Relevant Graphene Oxide (Graphene USA 2017)

Ken Cardillo, Business Manager - Americas
William Blythe Ltd
United States
Ms Jennifer Peake, Technical Manager
William Blythe Ltd
United Kingdom

Presentation Summary

William Blythe draws on its rich history of innovation within the chemical industry to develop functional materials, optimised for their end use. The ongoing research into graphene oxide derivatives at William Blythe is a key example of William Blythe's continued focus on the development of advanced materials. By working with customers, William Blythe is now developing a suite of capabilities to control both the physical and chemical properties of graphene oxide, with the end goal of developing application specific grades of graphene oxide.

Speaker Biography (Jennifer Peake)

Jennifer Peake is currently the Technical Manager at William Blythe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Synthomer. Her current role involves leading the R&D team and NPD programme, the team work on a breadth of materials to enable step-change technologies. Jennifer has experience across a range of R&D activities having spent a significant amount of time working on the commercialisation of graphene oxide for William Blythe and also establishing the current energy storage program running at the company.

Company Profile (William Blythe)

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William Blythe was founded in 1845, supplying inorganic dyes to the local textile industry in Northern England. Over the past 170 years, William Blythe has kept innovation in inorganic chemistry at its core, leading to several evolutions of the business. The current product portfolio is supplied around the world and includes functional materials, which are tailored for their application by controlling both the chemical and physical properties of the products. William Blythe run an extensive R&D programme, with new products including doped metal oxides and graphene oxide launched in the past year. Jennifer Peake works as part of the R&D team at William Blythe, with a strong focus on the ongoing graphene oxide research programme. Ken Cardillo manages William Blythe's regional business in the Americas across all product chemistries including the commercialization of graphene oxide.
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