New large area moving colour displays (Printed Electronics Europe 2006)

Mr Richard Kirk, Managing Director
elumin8 Systems, United Kingdom


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Speaker Biography

Following a successful career as an artist living in France with many of his works in national collections Richard Kirk moved into the Advertising world in London. It was while working for Bogle Bartle Hegarty the international renowned agency that Richard first realised the potential of the EL technology for both the design and art community and that of advertising. He formed a partnership with the SPS group based in Bournemouth to create what is today Elumin8. In the last four years Elumin8 have concentrated in equal measure on the Arts Foundation they have created that is close to fundamentals of Richard's vision and that the commercial advertising world.

Company Profile

UK based company elumin8 is placing itself at the cutting edge of technology, setting new standards in the application of light as manufacturers of groundbreaking electroluminescent light solutions (EL).
Elumin8 is currently serving 3 broadly defined markets with new and innovative light based solutions :
  • Advertising - In-store Point of Sale, Outdoor Advertising and Visual Merchandising.
In the past year this has included: Glowing hearts on the sides of London Buses for the Launch of the Love Actually DID, pulsing 6 Sheet posters for the launch of the Renault Modus, and animated 48 sheet bill boards for O2. Elumin8 has also collaborated on campaigns for Sony Erickson, Umbra, Bombay Sapphire and Bailey's.
  • Lighting Design - Architectural lighting and product design.
Young designer Sam Buxton worked with Elumin8 on a number of projects under the name of Surface Intelligent Objects, or SIOS. He used the technology to produce an interactive table that detects pressure, and lights up, as well as an EL wall clock with abstract panels that light up to mark the passing minutes and hours. In particular, he was interested in "the combination of illumination and information-giving sequencing displays than for illumination for light decoration alone." (Buxton)
Rachael Wingfield, designer of the shimmering EL window blind called "Digital Dawn", has also produced a pressure-sensitive product - a reactive tablecloth that lights up beneath objects placed on it.
  • Component lighting - Supplying OEM manufacturers with lighting systems for their products.