Novel enabling technology for high speed RFID tag assembly (Smart Labels Europe 2005)

Mr Marc de Pater, Marketing Manager - Europe
Emerson & Cuming, Belgium


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Presentation Summary

Novel enabling technology for high speed RFID tag assembly, employing low temperature, snap cure adhesives
RFID tag cost is a critical parameter for the commercial success of the wide-scale implementation of RFID technology. A high speed assembly process for RFID tags plays an important role in contributing to lower finished tag cost. Emerson & Cuming have developed unique adhesive technology platforms for the interconnection of chips and antennas in RFID tags. These technology platforms deliver very fast interconnection enabling high speed assembly and the use of heat-sensitive, low cost substrates

Company Profile

For over 50 years, Emerson & Cuming's focus has been on designing and manufacturing high performance material solutions for electronic industries around the world. Our expansive breadth of encapsulant, adhesive, and thermal management technologies combined with our decades of experience allow us to create solutions to difficult electric and electronic engineering challenges, providing maximum design latitude for our customers. Our vision is to be your first choice for circuit and component assembly solutions in the broadest sense.

Speaker CV

Marc de Pater is a chemical industry professional with over 13 years of industry experience and nearly 2 years of management consulting experience.
Marc has gained his industry experience in various European countries, fulfilling positions in technology, sales, business development and marketing at managerial levels:
  • Marc started his carrier at Shell Chemicals in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where he worked from 1990 - 1993 as a Product Technologist for a polypropylene plant. In conjunction with the Marketing function, he focused on achieving process improvements to enable better product performance in selected end-use markets
  • From 1994 - 1995 Marc worked as a Sales Executive for Ciba Specialty Chemicals' Colours Division in the Benelux, selling colorants into various industrial applications such as printing inks, coatings and plastics
  • From 1996 - 1999 Marc took up a position as Marketing Executive at Ciba Specialty Chemicals' Colours Division in Paisley, Scotland. Here he was responsible for the marketing plans for North America and Eastern Europe and the subsequent implementation of these plans in colaboration with the local sales forces. Succesful implementation lead to sales increases of around 15% annually
  • In early 1999 Marc joined BYK-Chemie GmbH in Wesel, Germany. His task here was to set up a new business unit in the field of additives for thermoplastic polymers. A business plan for this was developed and its implementation started with selection of personnel, defining and guiding R&D programs, defining sales channels, setting up a technical service laboratory, getting the first products commercialised and implementing sales tools. After 1.5 years the annualised turnover of the new business unit was on the order of DM 100.000
  • In late 2000 Marc joined management consultants Arthur D. Little as a manager in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He has worked among others on projects such as assessing the feasability of cross-divisional web portals for a major chemicals company, writing a business plan for one of the divisions of a public transport company and re-assessing the strategy of a large regional packaging manufacturer
  • Marc subsequently joined National Starch and Chemical's Emerson & Cuming in mid-2002 as European Marketing Manager, based in Westerlo, Belgium. Here he is responsible for the continuous development and implementation of the European strategy for Emerson & Cuming as a member of the local management team. In his capacity as Marketing Manager, Marc is also responsible for the Technical Service function of Emerson & Cuming Europe.
Since 2003, Marc also heads up Emerson & Cuming's global team efforts for the development and commercialisation of RFID materials, carrying responsibility for the global strategy and its implementation for this market. Emerson & Cuming's RFID team comprises Marketing, R&D, Tech Service and other professionals from around the world
Marc holds a Master's degree in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands and has enjoyed further training in materials science and various business subjects, including marketing.
He is fluent in English, speaks German well and has a basic knowledge of French.

Upcoming Event

Smart Labels USA 2006
Westin Copley, Boston, MA
March 28-29, 2006
The fifth event in this series - in previous years over 400 people and 45 exhibitors have attended.