Process advancements in printing high performance RFID Labels

Mr John M Yundt, Global PTF Business Manager
Spraylat Corp - Electronic Materials Group, United States


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Presentation Summary

Process advancements in printing high performance RFID Labels: manufacturing UHF RFID tag antennas at 30 meters per minute
  • Properties and characteristics of a new high-speed rotary screen printable silver ink
  • Production data on rotary screen printed antennas: Achieving press speeds of 30 meters per minute
  • The roll of plated copper antennas for RFID antennas: Properties and advancements in manufacturing

Speaker CV

With over ten years of experience selling and marketing conductive inks and coatings, John accepted responsibility to head up Spraylat's new Printed Circuit Materials business in December of 2003. He had spent the previous 8 + years in various rolls at Acheson Industries, most recently as a Business Development Manager for their Electronic Materials Group. He has extensive experience selling to printers and converters in the membrane switch, printed display and RFID marketplace, and had spent much of his recent time guiding the development of innovative new technologies for emerging technologies in the growing printed electronics marketplace.

Company Profile

Spraylat Introduces Improved Ink Technology for RFID Applications
Spraylat has developed a new line of improved performance polymer thick film inks.
Spraylat is now introducing a superior performance conductive ink for RFID antennas. This new product, XCMSR-013, is a rotary screen printable silver ink based on thermoplastic polyester chemistry. XCMSR-013 is specifically formulated for high-speed printing and fast cure. It has exceptionally low resistance and can be used for printing circuits at lower film builds. XCMSR-013 is ideal for printing RFID antennas, smart labels, and printed keyboards.
XCMSR-013 Features
  • Superior print accuracy at very high print speeds
  • Superior conductivity
  • Achievable line and space capability of >250 microns
  • Improved trace edge definition
  • Very good adhesion to treated and untreated polyester
  • Excellent screen residence time
  • Faster drying times; Increased throughput
  • Very good flexibility and abrasion resistance
  • Long shelf life
Spraylat's family of polymer thick film inks includes a full range conductors, resistors and UV dielectric inks. In addition to RFID antennas, applications for Spraylat ink products include internal antennas for portable products, membrane switches, keypads, electroluminescent displays, medical applications, flex circuits and rigid circuits.
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Global Market Development Manager
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