R2R Processing : A Step To Mass And Highly Accurate Production (Printed Electronics Europe 2018)

Mr Jean-Louis Dorey, CEO
Dorey Converting Systems

Presentation Summary

Many components, products can be fabricated at a fraction of cost of traditional electronic, semi-conductor manufacturing methods. Other application could arise which take advantage of the flexible nature of the substrate, such as electronic embedded into Internet Of Things, flexible displays, medical tests, electrical batteries for cars, solar cells.... With SYSCO R2R processing.

Speaker Biography (Jean-Louis Dorey)

  • 64 years old
  • CEO of DOREY DCS Europe France
  • General Manager of DCS USA
  • DOREY family Company established since 1946 supplying equipment and services to different industries
  • Graduated from Business School I.S.G.C. Saint-Etienne

Company Profile (Dorey Converting Systems)

Dorey Converting Systems logo
DOREY CONVERTING SYSTEMS (DCS) focuses on the development and service for SYSCO Machinery's high precision Rotary Die Cutting and Laminating systems in Europe.
As the leader in specialty rotary die cutting & laser cutting solutions, Sysco Machiner offers the electronic industry and engineers the conception freedom to solve problems materials & specifications that are considered unmachinable with conventional equipment. With capabilities such as servomotor controlled stations, highest accuracy on the market, unique CCD camera vision systems and close loop tension control we produce equipment that will make you reach new breaking grounds.
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