RFID's Future Today - A Remote Look Inside (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Mr Axel Striefler, President, CEO
Syscan International Inc, Canada


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Presentation Summary

  • How to overcome traditional RFID performance barriers and build solid ROI's?
  • The Syscan Advantage: iCE (i-Communicate-Effectively) technology
  • Food Safety Case Study: perishable temperature control
  • Military Case Study: infrastructure independent asset control

Speaker Biography

Mr. Axel Striefler is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Syscan International Inc. and was appointed in November 2002.
Syscan International Inc. is a North American public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (CDNX) under the symbol SYA.
Mr. Striefler is an internationally recognised specialist in the field of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). His world-wide experience covers all aspects of the technology from a component perspective (semiconductor tag and reader IC¡¯s, antennae design and manufacturing, bonding, packaging and housing of tags and readers), its main frequency bands (low, high, ultra-high, micro-wave), power (active and passive tags) and in particular the economic viability of RFID- based applications.
Mr. Striefler is also Founder, Director and President of Equity Square (International Investments) AG, Germany. The company holds various international investments in Technology companies, mainly related to Radio Frequency Identification. Equity Square AG is a substantial shareholder in Syscan.
Prior to founding Equity Square AG, he was senior partner at ACG AG, a German multinational high tech broker for smart cards, radio frequency identification devices, and semiconductor components.
Mr. Striefler joined ACG to successfully lead the firm¡¯s Telecommunication business and later established the Merger & Acquisition activities of the group with numerous acquisitions of European and American RFID companies and semiconductor brokers.
He has more than 20 years of international Management and Technology experience in various world-wide positions.
Mr. Striefler holds a degree in business and economic sciences from the University of Cologne in Germany.

Company Profile

Who we are:
SYSCAN is the creator of the worlds most intelligent Wireless / RFID Technology and provider of unique Supply-Chain Solutions. Its technology and solutions fundamentally differ from typical offerings and are second to none in secure independent data acquisition at significant ROI¡¯s.
What we offer:
  • the most intelligent wireless/RFID technology for system integrators: iCE
  • the most advanced cold chain compliance control solution: i4cIT
  • the most complete animal identification event management solution: LiveTrack
What markets we serve:
  • Food ( perishable temperature compliance control), animal ID
  • Pharmaceuticals (temperature sensitive compliance control)
  • Military (infrastructure independent asset control)
  • Security (infrastructure independent asset control
  • Healthcare (temperature sensitive compliance control)