Carbon Nanomaterials: Defining the Future of High-Speed Printed Sensors (Printed Electronics USA 2016)

Mr Nick Anthony, Device Systems Engineer
Brewer Science
United States
Robert J. Frueh, Sponsored Programs Account Manager
Brewer Science
United States

Presentation Summary

Carbon nanomaterial thin films exhibit sensitivity to a large variety of external stimuli. By measuring the electrical properties of devices fabricated with carbon thin films, transducers can be made that measure temperature, humidity, strain and many other environmental stimuli. These analog transducers exhibit extremely fast response times to provide high-speed measurements that previously were not available.

Speaker Biography (Nick Anthony)

Nick Anthony is a Device Systems Engineer working for Brewer Science in Rolla, Missouri. He earned his master's degree in Applied Physics from the University of Oregon in 2015 and currently works on the development of new products and materials within the New Business Development group at Brewer Science.

Speaker Biography (Robert J. Frueh)

Mr. Frueh is responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities for Brewer Science in emerging markets worldwide. He manages strategic development partnerships which accelerate Brewer Science sensor technology into commercial products, including a particular focus on relationship management with key customers and partners that lie at the heart of Brewer Science's future roadmaps.

Company Profile (Brewer Science)

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Brewer Science is a global technology leader in developing and manufacturing innovative materials, processes, and equipment for the reliable fabrication of cutting-edge microdevices used in electronics such as tablet computers, smartphones, digital cameras, televisions, and LED lighting. Brewer Science provides process flexibility and a competitive edge for its customers and plays a critical role in the supply chain.
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