Roll to Roll Printed Electronics Manufacturing Gathers Steam (Printed Electronics USA 2012)

Mr Richard Morris, Business Development
Si-Cal Inc
United States
Dec 06, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

While new materials and component structures are constantly being introduced and refined, potential users / customers have not yet seen a thriving, reliable infrastructure, one stop shop or turnkey manufacturing base emerge. Si-Cal has been printing electronic components since 2005 and has expanded from RFID antennas to a wider range of components and solutions. There has been a lengthy learning curve to print exacting, complex, functional multi layer structures and significant patience has been required due to limited investment in high volume printed electronics programs during this recession. Printing the web is only one piece of the manufacturing puzzle and Si-Cal has developed partnerships with premier converters and downstream electronics integrators. Various case studies of turnkey solutions will be presented including examples of medical devices, printed and applied 3D printed electronics and printed flexible displays. As investment grows and new product development programs increase, Si-Cal sees printed electronics as a healthy and growing space.

Speaker Biography (Richard Morris)

Richard has worked for Nissha GSI Technologies (formerly Si-Cal Inc.) for the last 8 years developing business in the printed electronics space. Richard's focus has been prototyping and scaling customers medical devices, antennas, sensors and other functional printed circuits. Richard's background includes 15 years in rigid and flex circuit board materials (formulating, manufacture, technical service and sales) working for Sun Chemical Circuits division. In the last 15 years he has worked for various conductive / nano material ink and functional printer start-up businesses including Parelec, PChem and Soligie (Molex). Richard is a degreed Chemist.

Company Profile (Si-Cal Technologies Inc)

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Si-Cal has leveraged its 40+ plus years being an industry leader in the roll to roll screen printing industry based in Westborough, MA to become a leader in the field of printed electronics. We print conductive / functional inks on state of the art equipment with the capability to print on carbon / vinyl as well as polyester and other types of films, 1 to 10 mils thick. We print a wide variety of printed medical device products including electrodes for EKG and iontophoresis drug delivery, defibrillator pads, diagnostic test strips and radio opaque markers. We also print RFID antennas and other printed electronics components. Our wide format equipment has exceptional registration capability for very tight tolerances and we can print many functional ink layers extremely accurately.
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