Semi-active RFID technology platform for sensors in pharmaceutical packaging & temperature tracking (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Mr Nick Sherstyuk, Chief Engineer
Information Mediary, Canada


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Presentation Summary

  • Benefits of semi-active RFID - low cost battery provides longer life time, 10 year shelf life, two years active life - for an overall low cost product, making disposable sensors a reality!
  • Looking for a low cost sensor? We print on label stock using a regular narrow-web press - this is our answer to low cost sensors!
  • An integrated solution with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Speaker Biography

Nick has over 20 years experience in designing electronics. He is a graduate from the MS (Electrical Engineering) programme at Nickolaev Technical University, Ukraine. His strong background in developing computer controls, embedded control systems and automation, combined with a strong sense of business and a talent for fostering creative ideas and driving them into workable solutions make Nick an indispensable member of IMC's team of experts.

Company Profile

Information Mediary Corporation (IMC) offers custom designed RFID sensors (Class 3 EPC RFID tags), RFID readers, and groundbreaking innovations in printed electronics. IMC has developed affordable, low cost wireless cold chain temperature sensors, and smart label inlays that can monitor patient adherence with prescribed medication dispensed from intelligent pharmaceutical packages.