Smart Textiles In Workwear For Electricians - Challenges And Opportunities (Wearable Europe 2020)

Silke Wohnsdorf, Textile Engineer
ADRESYS - Adaptive Regelsysteme Gesellschaft mbH

Presentation Summary

A dedicated team of developers and engineers was challenged with the task to develop a system for detecting emergency situations, especially electrical incidents. Approximately 2 years ago, the team was convinced that there was a "ready-to-go" solution available in the smart textile market - but they quickly learned that the market was also still developing and prototyping. Together with other partners in the textile, chemical and electronics industry, the team began to develop their own smart textile solution. The main goal was to ensure reasonable reliability, durability and washability of the smart textile system to create customer satisfaction.

Speaker Biography (Silke Wohnsdorf)

Silke started her professional career as textile laboratory assistant for the Public Textile Testing Institute of the Hochschule Niederrhein GmbH. Having completed her Master's degree in Textile Products at the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in 2019, she became a textile engineer at ADRESYS in Salzburg. She is the responsible for development of new smart textile technologies as well as the interface between project partners in the chemical, textile and electrical industry.

Company Profile (ADRESYS - Adaptive Regelsysteme Gesellschaft mbH)

ADRESYS is an Austrian-based engineering company being specialized in workplace safety solutions for the electrical business. Our goal is to develop systems which make working with hazardous current even safer. Designated interdisciplinary teams from software and hardware development, textile research and product management are currently developing the most efficient, reliable, durable and cost-effective way for helping users in emergency situations, such as electrical incidents. ADRESYS is part of the OMICRON group, the market leader for testing, diagnostics and monitoring products for the electrical power business.
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