The Tracking and Localization of Measurement Instruments within the Siemens Premises (RFID Europe 2008)

Mr Olivier Desjeux, CEO
INGECOM, Switzerland
Oct 01, 2008.


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Presentation Summary

  • How Siemens increases the engineers efficiency by providing the real time information of the location of measurement instruments
  • How they avoid losing instruments by misplacement
  • How the pay back of the system is calculated

Speaker Biography (Olivier Desjeux)

Olivier Desjeux is the CEO and founder of INGECOM. He holds an Engineering degree from the Ecole Française d'Electronique et d'Informatique (Paris) and an MS in project management and quality from the Institut de Gestion Sociale (Paris). His research interests include low-power radio frequency development with an emphasis on radio localization. He is involved in the RFID business "since ever"; While acting as business development manager of the RFID business unit of EM Microelectronic Marin, he was one of the active member of the EPC Hardware Action Group for the definition of the EPC C1G2 specification. Olivier has published in several medias and filed 15 patents related to the RFID, most of them being granted.

Company Profile (INGECOM)

INGECOM is a Swiss company who has built one of the most advanced Active Tag technology available today. The products compare to the competition with better performance and lower costs. Founded in 2005, INGECOM is already on the market with a significant portfolio of recognized industrial customers, like Siemens, Schneider-Electric, GE. Other significant customer acquisition is on the way. According to the analysts, the targeted market has an estimate 35% CAGD over the next 5 years. The sales are done through a network of partners across the whole Europe, each with specialties in the different verticals and countries. The target is now to expand across the North-American market.
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