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Prof David Morris, Professor of Business Development
Coventry University Enterprise
United Kingdom

Speaker Biography (David Morris)

Professor David Morris is Professor of Business Development at Coventry University. He has a BA Degree in Economics and Psychology from Keele University, a Masters in Economics from McMaster University and a PhD from the University of Warwick. He has taught at many universities in the UK and elsewhere including those at Aachen, Nottingham, Leicester, Warwick, Jeddah, Malaysia and the Open University and has given workshops at universities in Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia, Turkey, Jordan, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, the US, Canada, Ireland, Uzbekistan and many other countries.
A major strand of his research work has been the development of the global automotive industry. Over the past thirty years this has spanned the regional impact of industry change, especially as it affects the UK; the interplay between technological development and "productive models"; reconfiguration of the supply chain; and mergers and acquisitions. This work is documented in over 50 books, journal articles and published conference proceedings.
In the last two years Professor Morris has renewed his work on the automotive industry through working on EU projects concerned with sustainable mobility. He has a special interest in the evolution of the industry towards the development and production of sustainable means of transport and passenger (consumer) acceptance of new technologies.

Company Profile (Coventry University)

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