Why Healthcare choose Active RTLS technology based on Ultrasound(USID)" (RFID Europe 2008)

Wilfred Booij, CTO
Sonitor Technologies, Norway
Oct 01, 2008.


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Presentation Summary

  • Healthcare systems are facing massive process challenges
  • Inefficient use of clinical staff, rooms, beds, equipment
  • Suboptimal patient throughput and dissatisfied patients
  • Poor infection control.
  • Focus on solving workflow/process efficiency problems
  • Real Time Location System (RTLS) visualization, reporting and workflow solutions involving patient care equipment, beds, rooms, patients and/or clinical staff receiving increasing attention from healthcare executives
  • Location accuracy is key to RTLS performance
  • Sonitor's USID provides 100% reliable room- or sub-room level accuracy.
  • USID is not subject the electromagnetic interference issues(EMI) found with RFID and is robust in complex buildings
  • Lower lifetime cost than Active RFID
  • Sonitor's USID was developed from the ground up especially for RTLS applications in hospitals
  • Active RFID systems are in many hospitals being replaced by Ultrasound ID (USID)
  • Chosen by over 30 hospitals in US and Europe. All Sonitor USID users are satisfied.

Speaker Biography (Wilfred Booij)

Wilfred E. Booij has been CTO of Sonitor Technologies since 2006. At Sonitor he has been responsible for introducing a number of patented innovations that are now finding their way into the Sonitor product portfolio, such as the use of standard PC hardware for ultrasound detection. Prior to working for Sonitor, Wilfred was a Senior Scientist in the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Lab at SINTEF, Norway's leading industrial R&D organization and a senior engineer at Hewlett-Packard (later Agilent Technologies) in the UK. Wilfred Booij earned a PhD from Cambridge University, where he graduated in 1997 on work involving the development of high speed superconducting digital devices. On the basis of this work he was offered a prestigious position as Research fellow at Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge which he held from 1997-2000. Wilfred's first academic degree was awarded by the University of Twente, in the Netherlands where he obtained a master in Applied Physics.

Company Profile (Sonitor Technologies Inc)

Sonitor Technologies Inc logo
Sonitor Technologies, recently named North American RTLS Emerging Company of the Year by Frost and Sullivan, offers a unique ultrasound IPS (Indoor Positioning System) that automatically tracks the real-time location of moveable equipment and/or people in complex environments with 100% room-level, or sub room-level (such as bed-level) accuracy.
Due to the unique attributes of ultrasound there is no risk of electromagnetic interference with other equipment. The low quantity of data transmitted from the Tags requires minimal LAN bandwidth so existing wired or wireless LAN can easily be leveraged. The Sonitor IPS, now chosen by more than 30 hospitals, is fully, easily and quickly scalable.
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