Wire And Powder Additive Manufacturing Combined In One Machine (3D Printing & 3D Electronics Europe 2020)

Brian Matthews, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
United States

Presentation Summary

Meltio has developed a unique multi-laser printing technology based on a laser metal deposition (LMD) additive manufacturing processes. In LMD, one or more laser beams are directed to create a meltpool on the surface of the workpiece. Material, in powder or wire stock, is fed into the meltpool to build up solid metal with low porosity and a relatively high deposition rate compared to other metal additive processes, such as selective laser sintering (SLS). While most LMD systems work with either powder or wire, the Meltio deposition head is capable of feeding both material types.

Speaker Biography (Brian Matthews)

Brian Matthews has over 22 years of nuclear physics and additive manufacturing experience. Brian became interested in advanced manufacturing methods as a mechanism to improve the economics of nuclear energy and other high technology industries such as aerospace and automotive. Brian formed a company to develop advanced additive manufacturing systems which later became Meltio, a joint venture additive manufacturing company founded by AddiTec, Sicnova 3D and ArcelorMittal. Meltio has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in the LMD field, offering high quality unique laser-wire-powder metal printers achieving the lowest part production cost of any machine in the market.

Company Profile (Meltio)

Meltio delivers advanced additive manufacturing solutions for companies of any size,for the manufacturing of metal parts with a new patented technology. The company is a new joint venture with the participation of Additec, an American company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Sicnova, a Spanish company with a vast history in the 3D field, with the support of ArcelorMittal. Meltio has a global vision and several offices in United States and Spain. The main headquarters and factory are located in Linares, Jaen (Spain), with the R&D centers in the US and Europe.
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