Wireless Sensor Monitoring Combined with Active RFID Networks (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Dr Rohit Singhal, Lecturer
Texas A&M University, United States


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Speaker Biography

I am a Lecturer in the EET, ETID@TAMU. I am also enrolled as a PhD student in Computer Science@TAMU. A Native of India, I received my B.Tech. (Honors) in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India in May 2000. Shortly after, I was fortunate to receive a TxTEC fellowship from Electrical Engineering@TAMU to pursue graduate studies in Communication and Signal Processing. After completing my MS, I have been working towards my PhD, my research interest being "Data Integrity in VLSI Circuits". Meanwhile, I have also worked as an Assistant Research Engineer in the RFiD2 Laboratory@TAMU from September 2004 to Aug 2005.

Company Profile

AXCESS International (OTCBB:AXSI), headquartered in greater Dallas, TX provides full system RFID solutions for improving productivity and security in industry and government. These systems are based on battery-powered "active" RFID technology, where wireless tags use on-board battery power to transmit signals from a few feet to hundreds of feet in order to automatically identify, track, monitor, and protect people, assets, and vehicles. AXCESS' unique patented dual-active RFID technology enables tags to wake-up on-demand as needed to provide precise location determination plus the ability to have tags always "on" in a beaconing signal mode. AXCESS' dual-active RFID is the most economical and flexible solution on the market today

Presentation Summary

  • Design, development, testing and installation of a chemical monitoring system using Active RFID and Sensors for a chemical warehouse in Dallas, Texas
  • Chemical considered for the project is used for creating photo-resist for semiconductors and requires a highly stable temperature environment for storage. T
  • System is efficient, saves time, money, provides real time data that can be accessed 24/7 on a standalone laptop or via internet and definitely less tedious compared to the previously employed manual data collection system using temperature recorders.
  • Goal is to have a visible seamless connectivity from the supplier to the end user
  • Other enhancement for Hazmat and Insurance issues were also looked into.