Presentations for 2010

Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2010

(26 May)
"No Power" Electrowetting Display Technology (27 May)
Active RFID + Display + Location for Automotive Logistics (26 May)
Active RFID Applications using IEEE 802.15.4 (27 May)
Adaptive Power Management Circuits for Selfpowered Systems (27 May)
Applications of Piezo and Pyroelectric Materials as Microsources of Energy Harvesting (27 May)
Enabling Wireless Sensor Nodes in Aircrafts by Energy Harvesting (26 May)
Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensor Markets 2010-2020 (26 May)
Energy Harvesting Challenges for Future Ultra-Low Power Micro Controllers (27 May)
Energy Harvesting Power Budgets and Battery Benchmarks for Wireless Solutions (27 May)
EnOcean - Integrated Approach for Energy Harvesting Wireless (27 May)
European Project WISEBED: Providing a Testbed for Sensor Network Technologies (27 May)
High Coupling Piezoelectric Thick Film Materials (27 May)
High Efficiency Solar Modules for Energy Harvesting Systems (26 May)
Highly Efficient Kinetic Energy Harvester for WSN and Thoughts on Miniaturization (26 May)
How Ultra Low Power Swiss Watch Technology and Know How from the 20th Century is Influencing Energy Harvesting in the 21st Century (27 May)
INFINERGY MPM - Practical Results from Customer Case Studies (26 May)
Integration of Wireless Systems in the Automation World (26 May)
Lithium Batteries for Wireless Sensor Networks (26 May)
Mildew Watch Dog - A Passive Wireless Sensor Solution Ensuring a Healthy , CO2-Compliant Home (26 May)
Opportunities and Challenges of MEMS based Energy Harvesters (27 May)
Organic Photovoltaics - Entering the Energy Landscape (26 May)
Piezo Energy Harvesting: A Glance on High Efficiency Conversion (27 May)
RTLS. A Look at How a Real-Time Locating Systems Immediately Enhanced Efficiency and Increased Quality in a Tire Manufacturing Plant (27 May)
ScenSor: An IEEE802.15.4a Compliant Chip Creates a True Disruption in RTLS and WSN Markets (27 May)
Secondary Microbatteries for Energy Harvesting Micro Systems (27 May)
Si-Air Batteries (26 May)
Smart Ceramics for Energy Harvesting (27 May)
Smart Metering: Challenges and Opportunities for the Energy Harvesting and WSN Technologies (26 May)
Solar Cell Integration in Mobile Applications (26 May)
Standards will speed Energy Harvesting adoption (27 May)
Strategies for Increasing the Bandwidth of Vibration Energy Harvesters (27 May)
The Glamorous World of Energy Harvesting (26 May)
The microBelt - Non-Turbine Wind Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensor Networks (27 May)
Wireless Communication without Batteries - Pushing the Boundaries of Physics (27 May)
Wireless RTLS Mesh Networks: No Wires Required (27 May)
Working with Industry to Create New Ideas and Opportunities (26 May)
WSN and Energy Harvesting Opportunities for Railway Applications at SNCF (26 May)
Zero Power Sensors using Energy Processing (27 May)
ZigBee for Energy Harvesting and Very Low Power Applications (27 May)
ZigBee Wireless Temperature Sensor Energized by a Thermo Generator (27 May)

Future of Electric Vehicles USA 2010

Dual Energy Storage for PHEVs, AFST Extreme Hybrid (tm) (8 Dec)
Electrical Mobility: A Reality in Evolution (7 Dec)
EV Traction Battery Cost Reduction through Second Use (8 Dec)
Faster and Greener: Suburban Air Vehicles (7 Dec)
Findings from the BMW MINI E and UC Davis PHEV Experimental Deployments (8 Dec)
Future of Electric Cars (7 Dec)
Future of Light Electric Vehicles including e-bikes (7 Dec)
Global Market for Electric Vehicles 2010-2020. Land, Water and Air. (7 Dec)
High Performance Electrics: KillaCycle, ElectroCat and KillaJoule (7 Dec)
How Micro Gas Turbine Range Extenders Will Help Drive Adoption of Electric Vehicles. Including Jaguar Land Rover project (8 Dec)
New EV Systems Technology (7 Dec)
New Unmanned Underwater Electric Vehicles: Cutting (well, Thinning) the Cord (7 Dec)
Overview of Fleet Truck Electrification (7 Dec)
Promising Electric Aircraft Drive Systems (7 Dec)
Single Large Capacity Lithium Ion Cells for EVs (8 Dec)
Solar Cruising on North America's Waterways (7 Dec)
The Breakthrough Battery Technology required to Transform the World's Automotive Sector, a Touch of Deja Vu (8 Dec)
The Development of Ultra-High Energy Density Lithium-Air and Lithium-Water Batteries for Vehicle Applications (8 Dec)
The Infrastructure and Environment to Develop and Manufacture EVs in China (8 Dec)
Unmanned Solar-Electric Airplanes: Non-Military Applications and Related Key Challenges (7 Dec)
Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics and Infra Red Harvesting (8 Dec)

Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics Europe 2010

(13 Apr)
(14 Apr)
A Flexible Solution-Processed Memristor (14 Apr)
A Journey , Finding the Meaning of Light (14 Apr)
Advances in Zinc Oxide-Based Transparent TFTs Produced at Low Temperature. (14 Apr)
Aerosol Jet: Printed Electronics Pathway to Production (14 Apr)
Aspects of Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of CIGS Solar Cells on Plastic Substrate (13 Apr)
Challenges in Advancing Printed Electronic Detection Sensors (13 Apr)
Commercial progress with EL? (13 Apr)
Consumer Electronics Applications (13 Apr)
Cu Ink for Inkjet Printing - Low Temperature Sintering (14 Apr)
D3 - Droplet Driven Displays (14 Apr)
Design Rules and Technologies for Printed Rectifiers (13 Apr)
Development of High Barrier Films for Flexible PV and OLED Applications (14 Apr)
Development of Printed Organic Thin Film Transistors (14 Apr)
Development of the Printing Technology for the CF arrays of TFT-LCDs. (14 Apr)
Electrolyte-gated Transistors used in Printed Organic Electronic Applications (14 Apr)
Electronic Paper QR-LPD (13 Apr)
Electrowetting for e-readers and More (14 Apr)
Embedding Micro-Electronics in Textiles - Integration Issues (13 Apr)
Enabling Printed Electronics Through Materials (14 Apr)
Flexible CIGS PV: Past, Present, and Future (13 Apr)
Flexible LCD E-paper (14 Apr)
Flexography for Functional Printing (14 Apr)
FlexSmell - Gas Sensors on Flexible Substrates for Wireless Applications (14 Apr)
Glitter Sized Photovoltaics (13 Apr)
Gravure Advancements for Printed Electronics (14 Apr)
High Efficiency Flexible Solar Cells Based on CIGS and CdTe Thin Films (13 Apr)
High-Speed Curing of Copper and Other High-Temp Materials on Low-Temp Substrates (14 Apr)
How Long Does Your Module Live? - Methods to Simulate Environmental Ageing of PV Modules in an Accelerated Way (14 Apr)
Industrialization of Dye Solar Cells (14 Apr)
Inkjet Printing of Printed Electronic Applications (14 Apr)
Inkjet Printing of Printed Electronics Materials (14 Apr)
Integrating Printed Electronics into Real-World Applications (14 Apr)
Integration of Printed Electronic Components Toward Wearable Sensor Devices (13 Apr)
Low Cost Conductive Material and its Applications (13 Apr)
Low Cost, High Performance Carbon Nanomaterials Films for Energy, Electronics and Beyond (14 Apr)
Matching Technology for the R2R Printed Electronics (14 Apr)
Neuber's Solar Energy Bag M2 (13 Apr)
Novel High-Efficiency Solar Modules for Smart Products in Future Markets (13 Apr)
Optimizing the Performance of Sensitized Solar Cells (14 Apr)
Organic Photovoltaics: Small Molecules and Non-Conjugated in Polymers in Printed Solar Cells (14 Apr)
p-type TCO thin films by sol-gel processing (14 Apr)
Patterned Deposition of Transparent and Conductive Layers - New Pathways Towards Cost Efficient Manufacturing Techniques (14 Apr)
Print or Photolithography for Displays: Different Worlds? (13 Apr)
Printed Displays and Organic Electronic Devices (14 Apr)
Printed Electroluminescent Computer Animations on Flexible Surfaces (13 Apr)
Printed Electronics 2010-2020 (13 Apr)
Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics Research Trends and the U.S. National Science Foundation (14 Apr)
Printed Electronics Case Studies and What to Expect in the Next Five Years. (14 Apr)
Printed Primary and Secondary Batteries (14 Apr)
Printed Silicon in Electronics (14 Apr)
Printing OLED Toward Large Area OLED Displays (14 Apr)
Printing Technologies Toolbox at Cetemmsa (14 Apr)
Production Technologies for Large Area Printed Flexible Electronics (14 Apr)
R&D Activities for Next Generation Solar Cells (DSSC & OPV) in Korea (14 Apr)
Recent Development in ORGACON™ Formulations and Ink for Printable Electrodes (14 Apr)
RFID in the Industrial Domain for a Transport Operator (13 Apr)
Roll-to-Roll Fabrication of Large Area Electronics: Imprinting, Testing, Defect Detection (14 Apr)
Roll-to-Roll Printed 13.56 MHz Operated 16-Bit RFID Tags and Smart RF Logos (13 Apr)
Roll-to-Roll Production of Flexible Memory Devices (14 Apr)
Salt and Paper Battery (14 Apr)
Screen-Printed Piezoelectric Films for Energy Harvesting (14 Apr)
Seal It Tight - Adhesives for E-Readers and OPV (14 Apr)
Services and Embedded Intelligence (13 Apr)
Services and Embedded Intelligence (13 Apr)
Solar Cell Integration in Mobile Applications (13 Apr)
Synthesis of Graphene and Carbon Nanotube for Future Carbon Electronics (14 Apr)
Technology and Applications for High Performance Stretchable Electronics (14 Apr)
The Ups and Downs of Printed Electronics: In Search of Technology and Business Applications (13 Apr)
Thin-Film Encapsulation of OLED Lighting Devices (14 Apr)
Thin-Film Encapsulation of OLED Lighting Devices (14 Apr)
Toward Flexible Micropatterning of Thin-Film Electronics (14 Apr)
Using Light To Treat Medical Conditions (13 Apr)
What Electrolux needs from Printed Electronics (13 Apr)
Will We Ever See Printed Electronics in Consumer Packaged Goods? (14 Apr)

Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics USA 2010

μPlasmaPrint On Demand (2 Dec)
A Disruptive Cost Model for Grid Level Storage with Print-Formed, Energy Storing Structural Sheets (2 Dec)
A Flexible Approach to Transparent Conductive Films (2 Dec)
A New World of Smart-Fabrics and their Applications (2 Dec)
Advanced Conductive Materials for Printed Electronics Applications (2 Dec)
Advanced Conductors and Hole Transport Materials for Organic LED and Organic Solar Cells (2 Dec)
Aerosol Jet: Produces Fine Pitch Interconnects for Advanced 3D Semiconductor Packaging (2 Dec)
Applications, Needs, and Requirements for Printed Electronics in Aerospace (1 Dec)
Building the Ecosystem for Printed Electronics (2 Dec)
Carrier-gas Enhanced Vapor Phase Deposition: a Disruptive Approach for Advanced Functional Organic Layers (2 Dec)
CIGS Solar Cell Technology (2 Dec)
Creativity in a Technical Industry (1 Dec)
Desert Print: A Novel Printing Technology (2 Dec)
Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising: Show Me Good Products (1 Dec)
Dye-sensitized Solar Cells from Pilot Production to High Volume Manufacturing (1 Dec)
Electrochemical sensors and biosensors for printed electronics and integrated smart systems (2 Dec)
Electronic Paper - New Performance and Device Architectures Enabled by Pigmented Electrofluidic Imaging Fluids (2 Dec)
Enabling Customers to Realize New Products (1 Dec)
Enabling Printed Electronics with Organic Semiconductors and Other Advanced Materials (2 Dec)
Flexible OLED: A Low Cost Approach to Displays, Backlights and Solid State Lighting (SSL) (1 Dec)
Flexible Reflex Based LCDs and Emerging Applications (2 Dec)
From Roll-to-Roll to Roll-to-Products (2 Dec)
From Stand-Alone Memory to Printed Systems (2 Dec)
Global Markets for Photovoltaic Technologies (2 Dec)
High End Touch Feedback for Mobile Devices Featuring Electro Active Polymers (1 Dec)
High Power, High Energy Lithium Battery from Thin-film Carbon Nanotube Electrodes (2 Dec)
High-Speed Drying of Inkjet and Copper Screen Inks using PulseForge(R) Toolset (2 Dec)
Inkjet Printing of Functional Layers (2 Dec)
Inverted-mode Organic Photovoltaics with Long Term Stability (1 Dec)
Large Format Batteries Enabled by New Roll to Roll Process Developments (2 Dec)
Lithography Patterning of Organic Electronics (2 Dec)
Low cost manufacturing of organic solar cells (1 Dec)
Metal Oxide Devices on Flexible Substrates (2 Dec)
Miniaturizing and Improving the Performance of Electronic Systems Using Embedded Power (2 Dec)
New Development in PLED Materials, Device Structure and Patterning (2 Dec)
New Developments with Metamaterials for Printed Electronics (2 Dec)
Next Generation of Economical Multi Layer PE Print Tools (2 Dec)
Novel Chemistry and Dispersive Techniques for Diverse Applications (2 Dec)
One Time Passcode Cards Created Through Printed Electronics (1 Dec)
Organic Photovoltaics, from Energy Harvesting to BIPV, where does OPV fit in the Solar Power Market? (1 Dec)
Organic Photovoltaics: Forecasts, Price Points, Challenges (2 Dec)
Overview of Materials Printing Capabilities and Prototype Development for U.S. Army Applications (1 Dec)
Phosphorescent OLEDs for Display and Lighting Applications (1 Dec)
Printed Electronics 2010 - 2020 (2 Dec)
Printed Electronics Applications from Transparent Conductive Films to Printed RFID (2 Dec)
Printed Electronics Building Blocks (1 Dec)
Printed Electronics for Smart Packaging (2 Dec)
Printed Electronics for Transport Applications (1 Dec)
Printed Organic Photovoltaics: Disruptive Technology in a Great Energy Company (1 Dec)
Printed Silicon in Electronics (2 Dec)
Q-foil - Large Area Photosensors for Man-Machine Interfaces (1 Dec)
Recent Developments in ORGACON - Formulations and Ink for Printable Electrodes (2 Dec)
Silicon Nanoparticles as Inorganic Printable Semiconductor Inks for Printed Electronics (2 Dec)
Singapore economic environment and technical development for printed electronics and photovoltaic (2 Dec)
Tapping the Huge Variety of Applications with Today's Printed Electronics (1 Dec)
Technology and Applications of High-Performance, Conformal Electronics (2 Dec)
Textile-based Printed Bioelectronic Sensors (2 Dec)
The Magic of Magink (1 Dec)
The Path to Microcup Electrophoretic e-Readers (1 Dec)
The Printing Technology for Display (1 Dec)
Vor-ink Conductive Graphene Inks and their Application to Consumer Goods (2 Dec)
Why Companies are Looking to Smart Packaging (1 Dec)
Wireless Wearable Sensors for Medical Applications (2 Dec)

Printed Electronics Asia 2010

Breakthrough in Conductive Nanomaterial Inks for Printed Electronics and PV Applications (13 Oct)
Electronic Paper QR-LPD (14 Oct)
Flexible Bistable Reflex Displays and Applications (14 Oct)
From Stand-Alone Memory to Printed Systems (14 Oct)
Inkjet Deposition of Functional Materials with Dimatix Printheads and DMP Series Printers (13 Oct)
Inkjet Printing of Functional Layers (13 Oct)
Low WVTR Sealants for Organic Electronics Applications (13 Oct)
Materials for Printed Electronics Device (14 Oct)
Optically Rewriting: A New Printing Method on Glass and Plastic Substrates (14 Oct)
Organic Photovoltaics: Small Molecules and Non-Conjugated in Polymers in Printed Solar Cells (13 Oct)
Policy to Prosperity, Green Building to Green Living (13 Oct)
Printed Electronics Markets and Forecasts 2010-2020 (13 Oct)
Prototyping Flexible Systems Based on Printed Components (13 Oct)
RFID Functionality Below 1 Cent - Available NOW at a Printer Near You! (13 Oct)
Roll-to-Roll Printed 13.56 MHz Operated 16-Bit RFID Tags and Smart RF Logos (13 Oct)
Single-Layered Printable TeraHertz Nanodiodes for Energy Harvesting (13 Oct)
Standard Turnkey Production Line for CIGS Thin Film PV Modules on Glass Substrates and Opportunities for Production of Thin Film Modules on Flexible Substrates with Roll-to-Roll Equipment (14 Oct)
The Development of PV Market and Industry in Germany (14 Oct)
The Market and Development of ePaper Display Technology (14 Oct)
The Market Trend and Technology Development of E-paper (14 Oct)
The State of Smart Fabrics Markets and Future Opportunities for Energy Harvesting (13 Oct)

RFID Europe 2010

(29 Sep)
(29 Sep)
A Multi-Functional Wayfinding Device (MWD) (29 Sep)
Accelerating the Deployment of NFC/RFID Based Mobile Payment (28 Sep)
An Operational Secured Traceability Solution for Aerospace Maintenance (28 Sep)
BRIDGE: RFID Deployments Across the Supply Chain from Factory to Shelf (28 Sep)
Building Energy Performance Monitoring using RFID and WSN (29 Sep)
Change Daters (28 Sep)
Copenhagen Airport Has Gained Big Savings from RFID Asset Tracking (28 Sep)
Creating a New Guest Experience using RFID Technology (29 Sep)
Development of an RFID System for Tracking Insect Pests and Pollinators in the Field (29 Sep)
Enhancing Productivity with RFID (29 Sep)
EPCglobal RFID/EAS Standard - Making Shrinkage a Thing of the Past (29 Sep)
Establishment of Information & RFID Technologies in the Pharma Industry (29 Sep)
Establishment of Information & RFID Technologies in the Pharma Indutry (29 Sep)
Getting Smart with Contactless Payments (28 Sep)
HoloRFID (28 Sep)
NFC at Centre Pompidou's Teen Gallery (28 Sep)
Opening Markets of R2R Printed 13.56 MHz RFID Tags (29 Sep)
RFID Forecasts, Trends by Territory and Lessons (29 Sep)
RFID in a Public Library Environment (29 Sep)
RFID in Manufacturing at the BMW Group (28 Sep)
RFID in the Oil & Gas Industry (29 Sep)
RFID Integration Challenges: 6 Points to Make Our RFID Life Easier (29 Sep)
RFID Technology in Dunlop Motorsport Tyres (28 Sep)
RFID Transponder Technology for Public Transportation (29 Sep)
RFID: From Fashion to Health Care (28 Sep)
Smart Things Happening in Mobile Healthcare (29 Sep)
The Gerry Weber Case - First Real Life Results (28 Sep)
The Hottest RFID Sector in Retail: The Rise and Rise of Apparel RFID (28 Sep)
The Value RFID Brings into Fashion Retail (28 Sep)
Ticketing in Public Transportation (29 Sep)
VisualRFID, Innovation for People Flow Management (29 Sep)
ZigBee Powers Smart Energy Revolution (29 Sep)

Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Harvesting and RFID Asia 2010

Building Ubiquitous RFID Systems (14 Oct)
Challenges of Piezoelectric-based Energy Harvesting Solution for Automotives Electronics and Consumer Electronics (14 Oct)
Energy Harvesting from Vibration Using Piezoelectric Materials (13 Oct)
EnOcean - Integrated Approach for Energy Harvesting Wireless (13 Oct)
Heat Transfer Passive UHF RFID Tag (14 Oct)
High Concentration Photovoltaics (CPV): Potentials and Challenges (14 Oct)
Integrated Building Facility Management Based on Ambient and Artificial Intelligence (13 Oct)
Internet of Things and Applications to Supply Chain Management (14 Oct)
Organic Resonant Tunnelling Diodes (14 Oct)
Photovoltaics: Markets, Technologies, Opportunities 2010 - 2020 (14 Oct)
Piezoelectric and Magnetoelectric Transducers for Mechanical and Magnetic Field Energy Harvesting (13 Oct)
Printed Electric Codes are Hitting the Market (14 Oct)
Road to HK$1/kWh (14 Oct)
Thin-Film Micro-Energy Cells as the Ideal Energy Storage Solution for Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes (14 Oct)
Thinking of Location based Services Beyond WiFi Location Tracking (13 Oct)
Wireless Environmental Sensing Network (13 Oct)
Wireless RTLS Mesh Networks: No Wires Required (13 Oct)
ZigBee Energy Harvested Sensors (13 Oct)