Presentations for 2011

Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air Europe 2011

A Diversion from the Roadmap - Turning the Electric Aircraft Upside Down (28 Jun)
A Software Configurable Battery (29 Jun)
Antares H2/H3 - From High Performance Sailplane to Research Aircraft (29 Jun)
Battery Abuse Fire Testing (28 Jun)
Battery Management - an Enabling Technology (29 Jun)
Design of an Automotive X Prize Winner: the Swiss Peraves eTracer (28 Jun)
E-Mobility at Opel (28 Jun)
Electric Bicycles - Past, Present and Future in a Nutshell (28 Jun)
Electric Utility Vehicles for Eco-Friendly Mobility and Transportation in the Urban Area (28 Jun)
Enabling Advanced Energy Storage and Delivery with Nanoporous Materials (29 Jun)
Energy Harvesting for an 'Intelligent' Tyre (29 Jun)
Energy Harvesting for EVs - Solar, Thermal and Dynamic - Including Multi-mode Harvesting for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUV (29 Jun)
Flying Fish, the Unmanned Seaplane (29 Jun)
Fuel Cell Powered Airport Ground Support Equipment GSE (29 Jun)
Fuel Cell Solar Long Endurance UAV and 2-Seat H2 Fuel Cell Aircraft Tests (29 Jun)
Fundamental Design Issues for the Future Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructures (28 Jun)
Global Market for All Types of Electric Vehicle - Land, Sea and Air 2011-2021 (28 Jun)
Improve Energy Efficiency with Solar Gard Window Films (29 Jun)
Innovative Use of Advanced Lithium Phosphate Batteries in Marine Applications (28 Jun)
Large Flexible Supercaps for Instantaneous Power: New Miniature ones for EV Subsystems (29 Jun)
Low-Cost Batteries, Today - How One Company is Solving the Problem of the High Cost of Battery Solutions (29 Jun)
Micro Gas Turbine Range Extenders - as featured in the Jaguar Electric Supercar (29 Jun)
Next Generation Electric Vehicles with Off Road Capabilities (28 Jun)
OXIS Polymer Lithium Sulphur Battery Technology-a Breakthrough and a Meaningful Replacement for Oil (29 Jun)
Park & Charge - The European Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles (28 Jun)
PEM Fuel Cells Applied to the Road and Air (29 Jun)
Potentials of Solar Power Roof Systems in the Automotive Industry (29 Jun)
Quiet Vehicle Sound (29 Jun)
Regenerative Dampers: Harvesting Linear Kinetic Energy (29 Jun)
Siemens provides EV parts and charging stations including a very fast charging station. (29 Jun)
Solar Ships - Possibilities for an Ecological Tourism all over the World (29 Jun)
Solar-Electric Propulsion of Boats and Small Passenger Craft - History and Perspectives (29 Jun)
Solutions for the Development of Electric Vehicles (29 Jun)
Supplier of Small Series Electric Cars and Engineering Partner for Innovations (28 Jun)
Tata Motors Experiences with Vehicle Electrication (28 Jun)
Test Bed for the Development of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (29 Jun)
The Lithium Battery Sector: Analysis of the Market, the Value Chain and a Methodology for Identifying Winners (29 Jun)
The Way to an Electric Van with Zero Emissions (28 Jun)
Use of Multispeed Transmissions for Electric Vehicles (29 Jun)

Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2011

1 City, 100 Million Sensors (21 Jun)
A Practical Example of Powering WSNs with Solar and Micro Energy Storage (21 Jun)
Adaptive Power Management Circuits for Energy Harvesting Systems (22 Jun)
Advanced Power Electronics for Energy Harvesters (22 Jun)
Biofuel Cells: Towards the Development of Implantable Devices (21 Jun)
Condition Monitoring on Machines using Wireless Systems and Energy Harvesters (21 Jun)
DecaWave Scensor Chip makes Low-Power and Precise Location at Low-Cost a Reality (21 Jun)
Dermo Smart Peptide Delivery: A Remote Release System (21 Jun)
Electric Mobility Components to Enable Chassis Electrification (22 Jun)
Energy Efficient Hardware Design for WSN Nodes (22 Jun)
Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensor Networks: Markets, Needs, Opportunities (21 Jun)
Energy Harvesting Design Model and Implementation (22 Jun)
Energy Harvesting for an 'Intelligent' Tire (22 Jun)
Energy Harvesting For Autonomous Devices in Industrial Process Automation (22 Jun)
Energy Harvesting for Electronic Sport Products (21 Jun)
Energy Harvesting from Ground - Possibilities and Technical Realisation (22 Jun)
Energy Harvesting In Automotive Applications (21 Jun)
Energy Harvesting Technology Needs for the Built Environment, Realistic Requirements (21 Jun)
Energy Harvesting Technology: Metrology Requirements for Commercialisation (22 Jun)
Energy Harvesting Wireless in Volume Deployment (22 Jun)
Evolving Passive RFID Beyond the Supply Chain with the Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform (21 Jun)
eXtreme Low-Power Solutions for Energy-Harvesting Applications (22 Jun)
Footfall Energy: Potential and Reality (22 Jun)
Footstep Harvesting and Data Tracking (22 Jun)
From Energy Generating Dance Floor System to Smart Energy Generating Floor Solution (22 Jun)
High Efficiency Nanostructured Solar Cells for Energy Harvesting in Portable Electrical Devices (22 Jun)
Innovative Printing Technology makes Supercapacitors More Affordable for Energy Harvesting (22 Jun)
Integrating Electronics into Woven Textiles (21 Jun)
Investing in Energy Harvesting & Storage: The VC view (22 Jun)
Micro Energy Harvester using Magnetostrictive Material (22 Jun)
Motivation and challenges for Power Harvesting in different business areas of Robert Bosch GmbH (22 Jun)
Next Generation Light Harvesting Technology for Wireless Sensor Applications (21 Jun)
Optimized, Low ΔT Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters for Water, Air or Solid Heat Sources and Sinks (21 Jun)
Organic Photovoltaics for Energy Production (22 Jun)
Power Management Considerations for Energy Harvesting Systems (22 Jun)
Printed Photovoltaics: Current Progress and Commercialisation Successes (22 Jun)
Seeking Perpetual: The path to self-sufficient electronics (21 Jun)
Self Powered NDIR CO₂ Sensor For High Growth Emerging Markets (22 Jun)
Self-Powered Piezoelectric Wireless Switch (22 Jun)
Self-Powered Wireless Sensors in Buildings: an Ideal Solution for Improving Energy Efficiency while Ensuring Comfort to Occupant (21 Jun)
SensFloor - A Large-area Wireless Sensor System for Ambient Assisted Living (21 Jun)
Smart Multifunctional Fibre for Energy Harvesting from Nature (21 Jun)
Technologies for Next Generation Sensor & Actuator Networks (21 Jun)
Ultra Low Power Proprietary Wireless Solutions (22 Jun)
Ultrathin, Flexible Supercapacitors and their use in a Flexible Integrated "GreenPatch" Device for use in Green Buildings and smart Infrastructure (22 Jun)
Wireless Sensor Node Powered by Very Low Acoustic Structural Vibrations (22 Jun)
Wireless Sensors for Gas Turbine Engine Measurements (21 Jun)

Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2011

A Case Study on Building Controls with Emphasis on Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensors (15 Nov)
Application Optimized Voltage Converters for Energy Harvesting Power Supplies (16 Nov)
Collaborative Case Study Highlighting Analog Devices Inc RF101 MCU & RF Chip Set with SolarPrints SP4858 Solar Cell and Power Management Solution for Wireless Energy Harvesting Multi Sensors (15 Nov)
Creating New Applications and Markets with Thermobility Thin-Film Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting (16 Nov)
Dynamic Meshing - Next Gen WSN for the Dynamic World (16 Nov)
Energy Harvesters Utilizing Galfenol Technology (16 Nov)
Energy Harvesting and the Promotional Marketing Landscape (15 Nov)
Energy Harvesting Devices Based on Piezoelectric AlN Thin Films (16 Nov)
Energy Harvesting for Automotive Applications (16 Nov)
Energy Harvesting for Commercial Vehicle Applications (15 Nov)
Energy Harvesting from Air Flow for Wireless Sensor Networks (16 Nov)
Energy Harvesting Trends, Challenges and Opportunities 2011-2021 (15 Nov)
Energy Harvesting Using Micro-organisms (16 Nov)
Energy Scavenging and Battery Power for Long Term Medical Monitoring (15 Nov)
Extremely Low Power MCUs, a Perfect Complement for Harvesters (16 Nov)
Foot-Powered Occupancy Detection (15 Nov)
Fully Integrated Wearable Systems (16 Nov)
Gatekeeper: An Untethered, Persistent, Self-Powered Gateway Buoy (15 Nov)
Heat to Power Using Thermoelectric Engines (16 Nov)
Home Solar Energy Generation and Storage (16 Nov)
Implementing Low Power, Wireless Sensor Nodes via Energy Harvesting Power Management Techniques (16 Nov)
Inkjet Printing, Nanotechnology and Energy Harvesting: The Final Step to Cognitive Intelligence and Ubiquitous Wireless Sensor Networks (15 Nov)
Innovation in Energy Storage (16 Nov)
Limitless Environment for Developing Wireless and Energy Harvesting Devices for Building Automation (16 Nov)
Mesh Network Applied to Logistics: Opportunities and Challenges (15 Nov)
Powering Computing Off-the-Grid: Handcranks, Waterwheels and Cows (15 Nov)
Powering the New Generation of Industrial Wireless Senor Nodes with Vibration Energy Harvesting (16 Nov)
Reverse Electrowetting - a New Approach to High-Power Energy Harvesting for Mobile Electronics (15 Nov)
RTLS and Power Harvesting Ubiquitous Sensing System for Energy Efficiency Applications (16 Nov)
Smart Multifunctional Fibre for Energy Harvesting from Nature (16 Nov)
Thermal Energy Harvesting from Solid or Liquid Sources, Optimizing for Maximum Power, Size, or Form Factor at Low ΔT (16 Nov)
Thermal, Solar, and Vibration Energy Harvesting Applications and System Solutions (16 Nov)
Thermoelectric Applications - the Reality Check of a Promise on the Road to Commercialization (16 Nov)
Using DC to DC Buck Conversion to Optimize Stored Energy Usage in Autonomously Powered Devices (15 Nov)
Vibrational Energy Harvesting Technologies and Applications for 2012 and Beyond (16 Nov)
Waste Energy Recovery from Automobiles - Challenges & Opportunities (15 Nov)
Wireless Charging: Global Automotive Industry Reception (15 Nov)
Wireless Energy: Safe, Efficient, and Over Distance (15 Nov)
Wireless Power Today and Tomorrow (15 Nov)
Wireless RTLS Mesh Networks: No Wires Required (16 Nov)
Zero Power Sensors using Energy Processing and Open Protocols (16 Nov)
ZigBee Deployments and an Update on Low Power Operations (16 Nov)

Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics Europe 2011

(5 Apr)
'Being Seen is Being Sold' - The Future of Retail Ready Displays (5 Apr)
Accumulating Gas Chromatography Based Permeation Measurement Method for Ultra-low Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) Measurement (6 Apr)
Advanced Conductors and Hole Transport Materials for Organic LED and Organic Solar Cells (6 Apr)
Aerosol Jet: Produces Fine Pitch Interconnects for Advanced 3D Semiconductor (6 Apr)
Aircode: Near Field Communication by a Touch (5 Apr)
Coloring the Future of ePaper (5 Apr)
Decisions and Drivers for Efficient Development of Printed Electronics Applications (5 Apr)
Development of Novel Materials for Printed Electronic Devices (6 Apr)
Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising: Show Me Good Products (5 Apr)
Emerging Markets and Applications for Innovative Photovoltaic Technologies (6 Apr)
FACESS - Flexible Autonomous Cost efficient Energy Source and Storage (6 Apr)
Fast2light: OLED Lighting on a Roll (6 Apr)
Fine Pattern Printing via Roll-to-Roll Process (6 Apr)
Flexible Bistable Reflex Displays and Applications (5 Apr)
Flexible Displays Development and Commercialization Efforts (5 Apr)
Flexible monolithically integrated CIGS solar cells (6 Apr)
From Challenge to Chance: Next Level Retailing (5 Apr)
From Stand-Alone Memory to Printed Systems (6 Apr)
Fully Roll-to-Roll Gravure System for Printing 13.56 MHz Operated 32 Bit RFID Tags (6 Apr)
Functional Inkjet Printing of Nano-Particles for Manufacturing Electronic Devices (6 Apr)
Gravure Printing of Polymer Solar Cells (5 Apr)
High-Efficiency Solar Modules for Energy Harvesting Systems (6 Apr)
High-Quality White OLEDs and Resource Saving Fabrication: Processes for Lighting Application (6 Apr)
Ink-jet Printing in Solar Cell Mass Production (6 Apr)
INKtelligent Printing of Sensor Structures (6 Apr)
Innovations in Electrically Conductive Inks and Nano Ink Technology (6 Apr)
Lamination of Organic Solar Cells with UV-Curing Adhesives (6 Apr)
Large-area Printed Smart Textiles and Their Applications (5 Apr)
Layer to Layer Micro Gravure Applications for Printed Electronics and More (6 Apr)
Mass Production of Smart Media (6 Apr)
Matching Technology for the R2R Printed Electronics (6 Apr)
Moisture Barrier Sealants For Use In Emerging Electronic Applications (6 Apr)
Motion Control for High-End R2R Web Processes (6 Apr)
New Low Temperature Copper Screen Print product is a low cost alternative to Silver Pastes (6 Apr)
New Mass Processing Breakthroughs (6 Apr)
Novel High Efficiency Solar Module Based on a Luminescence Concentrator (6 Apr)
OLED Technology - Where it's going and how to get there (6 Apr)
Organic Photodetectors and Image Sensors, Highly Innovative Products for New Markets and Attractive Business Opportunities for the Printed Electronics Industry (6 Apr)
Organic Semiconductors for PV Applications (6 Apr)
Printed Electronics 2011-2021 - the Latest Progress (5 Apr)
Printed Electronics Applied to the Development of Flexible Devices (6 Apr)
Printed Electronics: Starting to Build an Ecosystem (5 Apr)
Printed Organic Photovoltaics: Disruptive Technology in a Great Energy Company (5 Apr)
Printed Sensor Devices and Electronic Applications (6 Apr)
Printed Silicon in Electronics (6 Apr)
Printed Solar Cells on Paper ? - Why and How (6 Apr)
Printing Electric Vehicles for Land, Sea and Air (6 Apr)
Printing Materials for Flexible Electronic Devices (6 Apr)
Product Integration of Polymer Solar Cells. From Circuitry to Functional Units (5 Apr)
Quantum Tunnelling Composites (QTC) in Textile and Film Touch-screens, Controls and Sensors (5 Apr)
Reducing Screen-Printed Copper Oxide to Copper on Paper Substrates at Industrial Speeds in Air (6 Apr)
Reliable Textile Based Micro Systems - Surface &Textile Contra Print Technology? (5 Apr)
Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Displays on Plastic Substrates using SAIL (Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography); Recent Developments (6 Apr)
Roll-To-Roll Printed Technologies - a Business Development Perspective (6 Apr)
Silicon Based Flexible TFT Device Technologies (6 Apr)
The Role of Printed Carbon-Zinc Thin Film Batteries in Interactive Printed Media (5 Apr)
The Touch of Light - Man-Machine-Interfaces Based on the Q-Foil Technology (6 Apr)
The Unmet Need: How Flexible Electronics Concepts is Driving Commercialization of Printed Electronics (6 Apr)
The World first 4.8-in. Active Matrix Full-Color PDLC Display Driven by Printed Organic TFT on Plastic Substrate (5 Apr)
Total Barrier Solutions for Solar and Plastic Electronics Applications (6 Apr)
Transparent Electronics: From n - to p-type Oxide Thin Film Transistors (6 Apr)
Use and Benefits of Ink Jet for Selective Emitter Front Contacts on pc-Si (6 Apr)
UV Curing: The Solid State Solution (6 Apr)
Vacuum Deposition of Organic Photovoltaics (5 Apr)
Wearable Electronics - Applications, Trends and Opportunities for Printed Electronics (5 Apr)
Wireless Healthcare Solution using Printed and Conventional Electronics (6 Apr)

Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics USA 2011

(1 Dec)
Advanced Conductors and Hole Transport Materials for Organic LED and Organic Solar Cells (1 Dec)
Aerosol Jet: Produces Fine Pitch Interconnects for Advanced 3D Semiconductor (1 Dec)
Applications of Photonic Curing, and Enabled Materials (1 Dec)
Applications, Needs, and Requirements for Printed Electronics in Aerospace (30 Nov)
Aromatic Hydrocarbon Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes for Conductive Applications (1 Dec)
Cambrios ClearOhm: Solution Coated and Printed Transparent Conductor for Printed Electronics (1 Dec)
Carrier-gas Enhanced Vapor Phase Deposition: a Disruptive Approach for Advanced Functional Organic Layers (1 Dec)
Challenges and Opportunities for Printed Electronics in the Lighting Industry (30 Nov)
CNT Field Emission (1 Dec)
Conductive Connectivity to create the Inkernet of Things (30 Nov)
Conformable ViviTouch Stickers - a New Dimension to Actuators (30 Nov)
Cu and Insulating Inks for Printed Electronics (30 Nov)
Decisions and Drivers for Efficient Development of Printed Electronics Applications (1 Dec)
Enabling New Applications: Developments in Printed Logic and Memory at PARC (30 Nov)
Fabrication of Metal Oxide Thin Film Electronics Using Roll-to-Roll Imprint Lithography (30 Nov)
Flexible Displays Development and Commercialization Efforts (30 Nov)
Free-Form Fabrication by Printing of Energy Storing and Dispensing Flexible PCBs (1 Dec)
From Stand-Alone Memory to Printed Systems (1 Dec)
Harnessing Nanostructure for Printed Photovoltaics (1 Dec)
Innovations in Electrically Conductive Inks (1 Dec)
Inorganic LED Lighting using Innovative Transparent Conductors (30 Nov)
Large Area Solid State Batteries (1 Dec)
Latest Tracking Technologies for the Air Courier Industry (30 Nov)
Layer to Layer Micro Gravure Applications for Printed Electronics and More (1 Dec)
Low Temperature Wiring Technology for Printed Electronics with Silver Carboxyle and its Application (1 Dec)
Markets for Photovoltaic Technologies: 2011 and Beyond (1 Dec)
Medium Concentration PV Enables Cost Savings, Upgradability and Global Scale Out (1 Dec)
Nanomaterials for Clean Energy and Display Technologies (1 Dec)
New Hole Injection and Hole Transport Layers for OLED Displays - Enabling All-solution Processed Device Stacks (1 Dec)
Novel Silver Nano Plate for Printable Electronics Applications (1 Dec)
Opalux P-Ink Displays: Flexibe, Low Power, Reflective Color (1 Dec)
Opportunities of Printed Electronics for Sport Products (30 Nov)
Overview of Materials Printing Capabilities and Prototype Development for U.S. Army Applications (30 Nov)
Photovoltaics: New Markets - Technologies - Challenges (1 Dec)
Power into Paper - a New Paradigm (1 Dec)
Printable Logic: System Integration and Applications Development (30 Nov)
Printable Thin-Film Transistors with High Stability for 3D Device Architectures (1 Dec)
Printed Electronics State of Play: 2012-2022 (30 Nov)
Printed Quantum Dots Devices for Lighting and Displays (1 Dec)
Printed Silicon in Electronics (30 Nov)
Printing and Integration of Electronics on Flexible Substrates (1 Dec)
Printing Electric Vehicles (1 Dec)
Quantum Tunnelling Composites in Printable Electronics (30 Nov)
Reducing the Cost of Flexible Organic Solar Cells (1 Dec)
Roll-to-Roll Printed Touch Sensors with PolyTC (30 Nov)
Self-assembly Materials for Printed Electronics (1 Dec)
Sensors for Smart Packaging (30 Nov)
Solid-State, Thin & Rechargable Batteries (1 Dec)
storeskin - the smarter shelf (30 Nov)
Synthetic Methodologies for Producing Graphene on Large Quantities (1 Dec)
The Efficient Preparation and Use of Copper and Silicon Nanoparticles for Electronic Devices (1 Dec)
The Promotional Marketing Landscape & Printed Electronics (30 Nov)
Things to Know for Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing (1 Dec)
Vorbeck's Graphene Inks : Enabling High-Volume Applications in Printed Electronics (1 Dec)
Wearable Printed Sensors for Situational Awareness (30 Nov)
When Technology and Market Need Match (30 Nov)
Where are the Printed Batteries - and their Applications? (1 Dec)
World-1st Flexible EPD Driven by N-type OTFT (30 Nov)

RFID Europe 2011

A New Concept in Passive RFID Vapour Sensors (28 Sep)
Accurate Real-Time Location of Passive UHF RFID Tags (28 Sep)
Adding Value to Data using Intelligent Transport Systems and RFID (28 Sep)
Archimedes NANO RFIDs (28 Sep)
Aviation RFID Highlights and Case Study (27 Sep)
Chasing Butterflies with RFID - High Precision Real Time Locating System (RTLS) Based on Passive UHF RFID (28 Sep)
Contactless Media for Urban Transport Services (27 Sep)
Contactless Payments: Smart Transactions (27 Sep)
Development of RFID in Russia (28 Sep)
Global Market for RFID and Key Trends 2011-2021 (27 Sep)
High Performance Smart Surfaces (28 Sep)
i-RFID a New Generation of Active RFID (28 Sep)
Improving the Quality Management System by using RFID (27 Sep)
Light-Activated Microtransponders for Tagging Applications in Biomedical Laboratories (27 Sep)
Locating Biotechnology and Diagnostic Materials: Making a Replicable Solution with RFID and Cloud Computing (28 Sep)
Low-Cost Ubiquitous Passive RFID Real Time Location Sensing System (28 Sep)
Monitoring the Cold Chain with RFID (27 Sep)
More Spectrum for RFID in Europe - What for? (28 Sep)
Pigtracker: Using UHF-RFID for Pig Traceability (28 Sep)
Printed OLEDs Bringing New Dynamic Light Effects into RFID Applications (28 Sep)
Pushing the Boundaries of Passive RFID (28 Sep)
Recording Mail Delivery Times with RFID Readers in Letterboxes (27 Sep)
RFID and Ultra Low-Power Sensing: Technology & Applications (28 Sep)
RFID Enabled Goodyear Dunlop Commercial Tyres (27 Sep)
RFID in Space: RFID Reader and Tags for ISS Inventory Management (27 Sep)
RFID in the Horticultural Sector: Tagging 3.8 Million Containers (28 Sep)
Sheep Traceability using RFID in Scotland: Tagging Over 2.5 Million Sheep (28 Sep)
Tag Testing: From Design to Deployment (27 Sep)
The Cloud and RFID: Making Deployments Seamless (28 Sep)
The Growing Success of RFID in Retail Apparel (27 Sep)
The New Revolution in Retail Technologies (27 Sep)
The NeWave™ Unique Wave™ Antenna Design (28 Sep)
Today's Internet of Things: same name but everything else has changed (28 Sep)
Virtual Prototyping of a Complete RFID System (28 Sep)
Ways of Success in Printed Electronics: R2R Printed 13.56 MHz 32 Bit RFID Tags (28 Sep)

Wireless Sensor Networks and RTLS Europe 2011

Dynamic Meshing - Next Gen WSN for the Dynamic World (21 Jun)
Low Power Wireless Sensing and Location Networks (21 Jun)
Wi-Fi AP Database Sharing Architecture for Global Location Tracking (22 Jun)
Wireless Sensor Networks for Improved Home & Building Energy Efficiency (22 Jun)