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Research Reports and Subscriptions

IDTechEx conducts detailed examinations of emerging technologies based on extensive primary research carried out by our technical analysts around the world.

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Research is delivered in three main formats:



Reports assess a particular technology, market vertical or territory. They appraise the market opportunity with detailed forecasts and assess the technologies, competitive landscape, value chain drivers, barriers, case studies and global trends.


Market Intelligence Subscriptions

Access company profiles, webinars, timely feature articles, forecasts, benchmarking tools and company presentations in addition to reports in an online, searchable platform, delivering you the data you need when you need it. Learn more


Advisory Service

IDTechEx market intelligence interpreted for your business. Learn more. Learn more

Individual reports can be purchased immediately online, or contact us to subscribe to the Market Intelligence Subscription or to customize your data needs.

Research Methodology

IDTechEx Skills and Resources
  • Highly regarded technical and business analysts
  • IDTechEx bases in three continents
  • Experience from serving clients in over 80 countries since 1999
  • Highly connected through our events and media services
Primary Research
  • Over 250 formal interviews/visits each year
  • Over 1000 direct interactions & exchanges per year
  • IDTechEx present at or attend more than 150 events each year
  • 2 large co-located conferences and tradeshows organized each year, in addition to business intelligence forums
Secondary Research
  • Patent and academic journal searches
  • Existing IDTechEx knowledgebases
  • Web searches
  • University associate links
Process Flow
  • Technology Scouting & Appraisal
  • Existing & Emerging Applications Assessment
  • Player Profiling & Value Chain Analysis
  • Voice of Customer Data
Quantitative Outcomes
  • Expected & estimated company revenues
  • Production capacities
  • Experience with clients in over 80 countries
  • Users & average demand
  • Applications, unit sales & estimated consumption
  • Past trends & historic data
  • Reality checks & adjustments
  • Market forecasts
    • 10 year forecasts
    • Segmented by application
    • Segmented by level
    • Forecasts in value, mass, area, etc.
Qualitative Outcomes
  • Technology description & latest developments
  • Quantitative competitive technology benchmarking & roadmap
  • Drivers, trends, needs & analysis
  • Existing & emerging performance targets & needs
  • Application roadmaps & timelines
  • Business landscaping & value chain mapping
  • Player profiling, SWOT analysis & ranking
  • Cost models & estimates

Examples of how our research benefits you

Clear, concise and considered view of complex sectors.
Emerging technologies tend to be supplier-pushed and media-hyped. There can be too much invested in the wrong areas, followed by shakeout and disappointment, all the while the real opportunities are not being exploited. IDTechEx research provides clear quantitative and qualitative assessment of emerging technologies from market data to size the sector to applicational implementation barriers to address. We do not sugar-coat the results - even if they do go against the grain and popular view if that is what our fact-based research finds. This is how we add valuable insight.

Assessing companies.
Our clients access company profiles to quickly learn about the company from an independent point of view with data obtained through primary interviews and site visits. We benchmark companies versus their peers. Immediately and directly find the business intelligence you seek.

Identifying opportunities.
Those doing well in new technologies tend not to be vocal about it, while sometimes those making the most noise struggle commercially. Our methodology of direct interviews with stakeholders throughout the value chain and globally, and critically interviewing end-users, allows us to identify opportunities. Whether that is systems integration in printed electronics or materials in 3D printing. We work with you to help grow your business.

Contact us for an open discussion about how we can assist you, and let us prove to you in the discussion that we can add value.

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IDTechEx Research provides timely market and technical research and strategic advice.
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