Healthcare Developments at IDTechEx Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019

Healthcare Developments at IDTechEx Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019
Healthcare Sensor Innovations, a brand-new event organized by market intelligence and events company IDTechEx, opened to a packed audience in Cambridge, United Kingdom, last week. Held over 25-26th September 2019 at The Gillespie Centre in Clare College, the event focused on the use of wearables and sensors in enabling the point-of-care diagnostics and continuous monitoring of individuals for health and wellness.
Curated by IDTechEx analysts, the conference featured 40 speakers addressing topics across wearables and sensors in healthcare. Keynote speakers from GlaxoSmithKline, Boston Scientific, Smith & Nephew, Centre for Process Innovation, and Maxim Integrated expounded on the importance of data analytics, validation, and value in the development of new sensor technologies for the healthcare industry.
Significant opportunities were covered in great depth at the conference. Companies are exploiting new form factors of electronics - such as stretchable sensors - to create increased user comfort while providing ongoing actionable data.
Approximately 180 attendees spanning the pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, and materials industries descended on the venue through the 2-day event, pushing the venue to capacity. Companies represented at the conference included DuPont, Analog Devices, Huawei, Samsung, Baxter and Philips. The Gala Dinner, held in the 17th century Great Hall of Clare College, was attended by over 75 of the conference delegates.
The event also featured a sold-out table-top exhibition. Thirteen companies focused on printed/flexible/stretchable electronics, dispensing, adhesives, biosensors and product development shared their products with attendees of the conference.
"We have successfully launched a brand-new conference in healthcare sensors in part thanks to our history researching these technologies for the past 10 years. IDTechEx's experience within these industries has enabled us to bring together the most relevant players from our extensive network," Dr Nadia Tsao, Senior Technology Analyst and organizer of the event reports. "The ubiquity of mobile phones as well as miniaturized and flexible electronics means that there is now a huge opportunity in the intersection of electronics and healthcare.
To learn more and to stay up-to-date with the event, please visit External Link. Healthcare Sensor Innovations will be held March 2020 in San Jose, USA and September 2020 in Cambridge, UK.