Key Themes at CES 2018

Ailsa McDonald
Key Themes at CES 2018
A number of IDTechEx analysts attended CES 2018, exploring the key themes prevalent in a variety of sectors, including: healthcare, neuroscience, 3D printing, e-textiles, haptics and electric vehicles. IDTechEx subscribers can access premium content exploring these themes, which are being released daily on the IDTechEx portal and journals. Samples of what can be found in these articles are listed below.
Healthcare and Neuroscience
Digital health held a prominent place at CES 2018, with companies endeavouring to capitalize on the growing trend of moving away from B2B and towards B2C. Further IDTechEx research on healthcare can be found in our reports covering a variety of life science topics.
At CES this year there were multiple examples of products that had incorporated aspects of neuroscience that were central to their development or use, including products that: detected and monitored brainwave signals, monitored other biopotentials (such as heart rate) throughout the body, exerted non-invasive neuromodulation and some that capitalized on neural processes such as learning to develop enhanced products or therapies.
While not a biomedical conference, CES did a great job of highlighting those engineered solutions to common maladies in the medical field and different examples of this can be found in IDTechEx's premium coverage of CES and the report Neuroprosthetics 2018-2028: Technologies, Forecasts, Players.
3D Printing
Our 3D printing article covers the new printers being promoted by different companies such as: Polaroid, Markfoged, Cubibot and DWS. There is also coverage of 3D Printing Pens, ceramic printers, metal printers and CES prize winners. For comprehensive coverage of the 3D Printing market see 3D Printing 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets, Players.
There were many examples of electronic textiles companies demonstrating new products and capabilities at CES. The following chapter covers activities from interviews with 11 different companies throughout the week. IDTechEx believe that the industry remains with less than $100m in total revenue from 2017, yet many small companies are managing to not only stay in business, but continue developing products and manufacturing capability to make more feasible products. See IDTechEx's report E-Textiles 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets, Players for a detailed account of the expected course for this industry over the next decade.
Haptics remained a growing industry area within CES. Without many large dedicated technology events to call it's own, haptics developments are regularly announced around the large consumer electronics and mobile conferences. This year we spoke to many different companies displaying a mixture of new, old and updated products throughout the exhibition.
The list of companies covered includes; Cerevo, Metasonics and Nidec. For more insights on haptics, see IDTechEx's report on the subject Haptics 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets and Players