New: The printed electronics manufacturing forum

Chris Clare
New: The printed electronics manufacturing forum

Learn how the whole manufacturing chain fits together - attend this full day session and Printed Electronics Europe trade show

Printed electronics manufacturing is becoming increasingly integrated as companies work on putting together different printing, lamination, substrate handling, curing and finishing processes. This whole value chain, including materials, will be covered at Printed Electronics Europe in Berlin on April 4th, part of the two day event covering the applications and technologies of printed electronics.
The session is aimed at those intending to manufacture printed electronics, or who supply materials or equipment for creating printed electronics. It will also be useful for printers who wish to understand their opportunities in printed electronics and how the equipment is being integrated and for companies who want to meet organisations that can help them make products.
The Manufacturing forum is sponsored by VTT, who have launched the World's first pilot factory for printed intelligence industrialisation. The full day forum is open to all trade show attendees of Printed Electronics Europe - registration is just €95.
Presenting organizations include
Aixtron SE
OTB Group
This is an ideal opportunity to see how the whole manufacturing value chain fits together and have your questions answered.