Record Attendance at IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe

Record Attendance at IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe
In the current recession, there are few sectors which are growing rapidly, but one of those is printed electronics. Pre-registered attendance at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe conference, which will be held in Dresden, Germany, on April 7-8, is 20% higher than at the same time before the event last year. Over 700 attendees from 32 countries have registered so far, with a record 66 exhibitors.
Many World first exclusives will be announced, including a breakthrough in thin film memory printing from Thin Film Electronics and Inktec, new low cost copper inks and room temperature sintering from NovaCentrix, and the launch of inkjet printers and materials from Samsung Electro-Mechanics, among others. Dirk Hilbert, the mayor of Dresden, will be opening the prestigious IDTechEx Printed Electronics Awards ceremony, held in a beautiful ballroom in Dresden.
Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, says "We are delighted to bring together World leading end users from many different sectors, including consumer packaged goods, healthcare, automotive and transit, aerospace, advertising and games companies. These companies seek new products and new electronics solutions, and our exhibitors and attendees from industry will have the opportunity to learn of their needs and meet them." To see examples of end user attendees, go to
Printed Electronics Europe is the only event in Europe to give you the big picture - covering organics to printed inorganics and their application, from toys to energy harvesters. Don't miss the World's largest event on the topic - see for full details.

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