Research targeting food supply chain

Research targeting food supply chain
Franwell has developed a new partnership with the University of Florida's Center for Food Distribution and Packaging to develop the requirements for using RFID in the food industry.
The joint study is intended to be the most extensive scientific research specifically targeting the food supply chain. The objective of the project is to explore both the technology and the hardware designs needed to implement RFID systems in the food industry. An advisory board (Wal-Mart and Royal Ahold, a Dutch retailer etc) will review the developments.
"RFID technology offers significant opportunities in the distribution of food products," said Franwell president Jeff Wells. "These include more accurate inventory tracking and controls as well as real time inventory traceability. This study will ultimately validate the requirements for implementation of RFID on a broad basis."
Franwell is a technology provider for the food processing industry and a major systems integrator for RFID technology. The company has developed Agware, a logistic and supply chain software solution specifically designed for processors.
"The experience Franwell has in all facets of food distribution has helped us rapidly integrate RFID technology into our existing software," said Wells. "We are excited to have accomplished our goals toward making the implementation of RFID with other warehouse management systems more effective."

Food Traceability 2006 conference will be held on February 1-2 2006 in Dallas, USA. This hot topic is driven by health scares, bioterrorism and new laws. It will become the largest RFID application but we cover DNA and many other vital technologies as well. For further details please visit External Link
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