Startup Profiles:7th EcoMotion Main Event Tel Aviv, Israel. | IDTechEx Research Article

Startup Profiles:7th EcoMotion Main Event Tel Aviv, Israel.

On the 11th of June 2019 IDTechEx attended the Startup Exhibition at the 7th EcoMotion Main Event in Tel Aviv Israel. There is increasing global recognition of the huge potential of Israeli mobility-tech startups, with Tel Aviv now recognised as one of the world's top tech hubs. The following deck contains a brief profile for each of the exciting companies we spoke to at the event. Companies interviewed include: Arbe, AdaSky, Foresight, OPSYS, Newsight Imaging, VAYAVISION, Cartica, Ottopia, Phantom Auto, AutoTalks, Tactile Mobility, Argus Cyber Security, Regulus, and Cognata.

Dr David Wyatt
Startup Profiles:7th EcoMotion Main Event Tel Aviv, Israel.

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