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23 May 2019

Get ready for the 5G revolution

EXTENDED VERSION - Nations and industry are preparing for the opportunities 5G investment will bring, says Dr Luyun Jiang, IDTechEx technology analyst on 5G. As featured in the 5G Report by Raconteur distributed in 'The Times'
22 May 2019

Graphene: can China retain its leading position?

Since 2014/2015 IDTechEx Research noticed that the centre of graphene research and commercial activity was shifting to China. This trend had shown itself in publication and patent numbers, as well as in investments and capacity announcements. The precedent was also there: China had stepped in late but became a leading territory in commercialising carbon nanotubes.
20 May 2019

Learn about the route to success in the unforgiving EV battleground

Plug-in electric cars are forecast by IDTechEx to sell over 25 million units per year in 2029 making up around 30% of total sales by that point. However, electrification does not stop at cars; buses, trucks, construction, mining, two-wheelers, boats, aircraft, and more are all progressing towards electric drive. This combined market shift makes the technologies enabling this transformation a key battleground with plenty to win and lose.
17 May 2019

Electric Vehicles: $2.6 Trillion Market, Many New Sectors

The future is coming early for electric vehicles. The new IDTechEx Research report "Electric Vehicles 2020-2030" is based on analysis of no less than 100 sectors to 2030. IDTechEx has studied and forecasted EVs for over 20 years. It has 15 PhD level analysts, including 4 who are Chinese, deployed globally, mostly multi-lingual and the discoveries here are sometimes surprising.
17 May 2019

IDTechEx Research: 3D printing materials market worth $23B in 2029

The 3D printing materials market will be worth $23B in 2029 according to the new IDTechEx Research report on the topic, 3D Printing Materials 2019-2029: Technology and Market Analysis. The report covers current and future technologies, market forecasts and more.
15 May 2019

Webinar Thursday 23 May 2019- Supercapacitors Markets

IDTechEx is hosting a free webinar on Thursday 23 May 2019 titled Supercapacitors Markets.
14 May 2019

IDTechEx forecast the 3D printing market will be worth $31B in 2029

In the recently released report 3D Printing 2019-2029: Technology and Market Analysis, IDTechEx Research forecasts that the global market for 3D printing equipment, materials, software and services is estimated to be worth $31 billion by the year 2029.
13 May 2019

New Market Report on 3D Printing of Metals from IDTechEx Research

The metal 3D printing market will be worth $19B in 2029 as forecast by IDTechEx Research in their latest report on the topic, covering 3D printing of metals technology and market analysis.
09 May 2019

Webinar Wed15 May 2019 - Smart Packaging: Many Needs, Many Solutions

IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Wednesday 15 May 2019 titled Smart Packaging: Many Needs, Many Solutions, But What Will Win?
08 May 2019

Graphene competitive landscape will be drastically reconfigured

IIDTechEx Research asks if the graphene competitive landscape will be drastically reconfigured. These are interesting times for graphene. Multiple significant applications have arrived in the market. Revenues are growing for many and companies are finally seeing average order sizes grow thanks to a few high volume (multi-tonne) lead conversions. This looks like the first stage of the growth phase.
08 May 2019

Stretchable conductive pastes: challenging market segmentation

Stretchable conductive inks have been in the commercialization mode for multiple years now. Arguably, it all started as a technology push. The big trend at the time was wearable technology and e-textiles. And, naturally, ink and paste suppliers did not want to be left behind. In this article we look at why conductive inks could have a compelling proposition to this market, at some of the reasons which have hindered market progress, and at the current state of progress.
01 May 2019

Webinar Thursday 9 May 2019 - 5G: A Market Overview

IDTechEx is hosting a free webinar on Thursday 9 May 2019 titled 5G: A Market Overview.