Research Articles

22 Mar 2021

6G Communication Myths

6G Communications will become one of the largest technology investments. It is currently in the healthy first stage of promising everything to widely deploy some in 2030. Even at this early stage, some myths are emerging.
19 Mar 2021

Create Your Own Materials Market Forecast for Electric Vehicles

IDTechEx has released a new spreadsheet-based tool that lists our assumptions for several material intensities at a cell- and pack-level for battery-electric vehicle (BEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) batteries in the car market.
18 Mar 2021

High-Volume Orders Finally Arrive for the Graphene Industry

For a long time, graphene has been cited as the wonder material that will change the world. The reality has been very different; disillusionment has started to grow as the hype has not translated into revenue. Is the "tipping point" finally approaching?
16 Mar 2021

Market for eVTOL Air Taxis to Grow to $14.7 Billion by 2041

Air taxis and flying cars are easy to hype but IDTechEx's new report on the subject is not that hype. This independent research into electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for passenger transport reflects the reality of the eVTOL market at this early stage of its development.
15 Mar 2021

Printed Electronics for 6G Smart Surfaces Everywhere

6G Communications is coming to your smartphone around 2030, according to Samsung and others, but it can only succeed if it deploys smart surfaces everywhere. Essential to this is printed electronics.
12 Mar 2021

Upcoming Webinar: Future Roles for Sustainable Alternative Fuels

Thursday 25 March 2021 - By 2026, demand for sustainable aviation fuels could reach over 3.5 billion litres. This webinar will introduce key areas including: Renewable diesel growth; Sustainable aviation fuel; and Electro-fuel production technologies and players
12 Mar 2021

Opportunities for Additively Manufactured Electronics

Additively manufactured electronics is an emerging approach that takes printed electronics into the third dimension. IDTechEx divides the sector into two aspects: 'fully additive' and 'printing onto 3D surfaces'. Both have multiple application opportunities that IDTechEx believes will develop over the next decade.
11 Mar 2021

Join the Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar on the Aerogel Market

Thursday 18 March 2021 - New Opportunities Emerge for the Aerogel Market. The status of the silica aerogel market; Overview of key manufacturers capacity and product benchmarking; Assessment on the rise of Chinese manufacturers; Patent developments; and much more.
10 Mar 2021

Particle-Free Conductive Inks: An Advantageous Alternative?

Conductive inks are a long-established technology, however, technology rarely stands still, and there is extensive innovation within the conductive ink space. Particle-free inks are an especially promising example with multiple advantages and applications.
10 Mar 2021

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Vital to 6G Communications

The smart surfaces essential to 6G communications will be over $7 billion in 2034 - find out more in the upcoming webinar Thursday 1 April 2021.
09 Mar 2021

Innovations in Antimicrobials: New Methods to Eliminate Microbes

Today, antimicrobial technologies are used around the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Surfaces and products protected by antimicrobial technology can continuously inactivate and kill harmful microorganisms such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In this article, IDTechEx highlights three innovative start-ups that are developing next-generation antimicrobial technologies.
08 Mar 2021

Where are the Innovations in Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal management is one of the most important topics in a wide range of applications; from electric vehicle battery packs through to consumer electronics, there is a pressing need to dissipate heat efficiently. Thermal interface materials (TIM) come in numerous types and play a crucial role in the thermal transfer from a heat source. This article looks at what the major innovations are for these materials and why those developments are significant.