Research Articles

07 Apr 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar on Carbon Nanotubes

Thursday 21 April 2022 - Entering the Next Stage in Their Commercial Journey. This webinar will give a comprehensive overview of the carbon nanotube industry including: 10-year market outlook for CNTs; deep dive into the energy storage market; assessment of other key applications; and more.
06 Apr 2022

Why Do More People Use Mobile Robots in Their Warehouses?

With the rapid growth of e-commerce and e-grocery, automation in the warehousing and logistics chain is becoming necessary in more scenarios. Based on the market research report "Mobile Robotics in Logistics, Warehousing and Delivery 2022-2042", IDTechEx summarizes four reasons why mobile robotics is becoming the industrial trend for warehouse automation.
05 Apr 2022

Join the Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar on Continuous Glucose Monitors

Thursday 28 April 2022 - A New Era for Diabetes Management. Discussions on how CGMs can drive diabetes management digital health platforms; overview on how a growing CGM industry will affect the insulin delivery industry; future targets of the diabetes management technology industry and several examples of technologies being developed to meet these targets.
05 Apr 2022

Solving the Challenges of Mobile Construction Machine Electrification

Electrification will undoubtedly play an important role in enabling construction firms to deliver on their environmental targets and IDTechEx's new report "Electric Vehicles in Construction 2022-2042" provides a comprehensive assessment of current progress in this emerging sector, with case study detail and background on key enabling technologies.
01 Apr 2022

Webinar and Q&A - 3D Electronics: The Road to Greater Integration

Thursday 7 April 2022 - This webinar includes discussion of the various approaches of manufacturing 3D electronics, their differentiating factors, readiness level, and the applications to which they are best suited; Case studies showing how 3D electronics can be used in many different applications; and much more.
30 Mar 2022

5G: The Market GaN Needs

The current state of 5G has seen less technological innovation than might have initially been expected. There is certainly more scope for technical development and hence opportunities for several technologies and materials, a critical one of which is the semiconductor technology with wide bandgap semiconductors.
29 Mar 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar on Metal Additive Manufacturing

Thursday 31 March 2022 - Rebounding From COVID to Hit $18 Billion. This webinar will include a discussion of COVID-19's effect on metal AM; key trends influencing metal AM's rise, including discussion on relevant players and news; and an overview of IDTechEx's metal AM market forecast
28 Mar 2022

3D Electronics Enables Greater Integration

While 3D electronics has long been used for adding antennas and simple conductive interconnects to the surface of 3D injection-molded plastic objects, more complex circuits are increasingly being added onto surfaces made from a variety of materials by utilizing new techniques.
24 Mar 2022

Low-Cost Sensing Assists Climate Adaptation

'What gets measured gets managed' is a well-known adage in business, but could it also be applied to mitigating the effects of climate change? The recently published IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report emphasizes the importance of adaptation alongside emission reduction.
23 Mar 2022

Not So Fast: EV Charging Rates Make a Difference

Charging speeds for electric vehicles (EVs) vary, from as little as 15 minutes using an ultra-rapid 350 kW charger, to as much as 24 hours when relying on a domestic wall outlet. Eventually, we could reach a point where recharging barely takes longer than filling up with fuel.
17 Mar 2022

Finally, the First Mass Market Adoption of a Nanocarbon

The revolutionary promise of nanocarbons has been touted for more than 3 decades, but despite the extraordinary properties and commercial hype, the success has been limited - until now. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) may not be as glamorous as their younger sibling graphene, but IDTechEx forecast the annual demand to exceed 70 ktpa by 2032 as for the first time the manufacturers experience a mass-market pull rather than a material push.
16 Mar 2022

MWC 2022: Trends in futuristic applications and network infrastructure

The MWC event in Barcelona earlier this month gathered more than 60,000 mobile experts from all around the world. From digital applications to network infrastructure, IDTechEx was there to cover major developments in the industry! Here are some of the key trends we observed at MWC2022 Barcelona.