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Research Articles

25 Jun 2024

Battery Cathode Innovations Promise Greener Batteries

Improving the performance and reducing the cost of Li-ion batteries have been primary concerns for the Li-ion battery industry over the past 10-15 years. The environmental and societal implications of Li-ion battery production and deployment have come under increasing scrutiny, along with concerns regarding supply chain concentration.
24 Jun 2024

Upcoming Webinar on the Future of EV Powertrains

Thursday 11 July 2024 - SiC, GaN, and the Evolution of Power Electronics. In this webinar, IDTechEx will summarize the current market landscape concerning the wide bandgap semiconductors SiC and GaN and other EV power electronics market trends.
24 Jun 2024

Roadmap to Lower Prices and Higher Volume For Image Sensors

SWIR sensors and hyperspectral imaging are two of the largest types of emerging image sensors, and IDTechEx predicts the market value will reach US$739 million by 2034, highlighting just how valuable the technology will be.
21 Jun 2024

The Rise of Ag Sintering and Cu Sintering

With the trend from Si IGBT to SiC MOSFET in electric vehicle (EV) power electronics, the junction temperature is expected to increase from 150°C to 175°C with the potential to exceed 200°C. This brings significant challenges for thermal management.
20 Jun 2024

Upcoming Webinar: Key Emerging Applications for Conductive Inks

Wednesday 3 July 2024 - Introduction to the broad family of conductive inks; Status and outlook for the dominant conductive ink type, silver flake-based ink, including an assessment of current demand and a ten-year forecast; Overview of emerging applications; Critical assessment of the outlook for non-silver inks such as stretchable/thermoformable inks and copper inks.
20 Jun 2024

Exploring the Components of LiDAR

The Lidar market for automotive applications will grow to US$9.5 billion by 2034. This article discusses Lidar components, which are crucial to enable precise scanning, detection, sensing, and perception. Analyzing the Lidar components helps to understand their functionalities and the latest developments shaping the Lidar landscape.
19 Jun 2024

EV Thermal Management Fluid Demand Exceeds 880 million Liters by 2035

Electric vehicles, much like combustion vehicles, require a suite of fluids in order to operate optimally. However, the quantities and properties of these fluids can be quite different. With a strongly growing EV market, this presents a large opportunity for not just fluid suppliers but also fluid additives and fluid handling component suppliers.
18 Jun 2024

Future of Pyrolysis Market in Light of a Changing Regulatory Landscape

The mounting global plastic waste crisis has compelled scientists and engineers to seek novel solutions. Among the various technologies being explored, the pyrolysis of plastic waste has emerged as a significant contender.
17 Jun 2024

EL-QD Displays - IDTechEx Explores Quantum Dots

The use of quantum dots in displays has made it to high-quality prototypes amongst established tech companies like Samsung, Sharp, and TCL. These semiconductor nanocrystals, the size of just 2-10 nanometres, can enable realistic and high-definition displays for TVs, monitors, and smart tablets.
17 Jun 2024

Three Ways the Ocean Can Become a Carbon Removal Titan

Every year, our oceans absorb 11-15 gigatonnes of CO2 as part of the Earth's natural carbon cycle. An unsung hero in the face of rising global temperatures, negative emission technology pioneers have begun asking a simple question: What if the power of this immense marine carbon sink could be harnessed even further?
14 Jun 2024

Webinar - How Electric Buses are Disrupting a Decades-Old Industry

Wednesday 26 June 2024 - Introduction and historical sales for the global electric bus market; Key players and emerging market trends; Developments in battery and motor technology, and their impacts on electric buses; Market outlook
13 Jun 2024

Webinar on Thermal Interface Materials: Trends and Developments

Thursday 27 June 2024 - Comprehensive Overview of Thermal Interface Materials: Trends and Developments; An overview of thermal interface materials by TIM form; TIMs in EV battery packs: Trends of TIM's thermal conductivity and property trend; TIMs in EV power electronics: TIM1 (die-attach technologies) and TIM2 overview; TIMs in data centers: TIM opportunities with the transition to liquid cooling; TIMs in 5G TIMs in ADAS; TIMs in consumer electronics