Research Articles

by Annick Garrington

22 Jun 2022

IDTechEx Release New Report on Thermal Management for ADAS

Thermal Management for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) 2023-2033 - Thermal management challenges, solutions, and trends for cameras, radars, LiDARs, and automotive computers. Thermal interface materials, die attach, radome materials and electromagnetic interference, analysis, players, and market forecasts
21 Jun 2022

Webinar: The Role of Vertical Farms in Solving Today's Food Crises

Thursday 7 July 2022 - IDTechEx will discuss how vertical farms can fit in with the coming age of agriculture. This webinar will include discussions on what vertical farms can bring to the agricultural industry, an overview of several limitations faced by the vertical farming industry today, and several possible methods for vertical farms to increase profitability
14 Jun 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar - Next-Generation Optics for AR/VR

Thursday 30 June 2022 - Emerging optical technologies have the potential to make realities feel more real in a compact device that may be worn all day. But what are these technologies and how will they alter the landscape of this growing industry? How will manufacturers and material suppliers need to react?
13 Jun 2022

Upcoming Free-to-Attend Webinar - New Opportunities for Gas Sensors

Thursday 23 June 2022 - Mass-digitization trend is predicted to cause the gas sensor market to surpass $8 billion by 2032. The gas sensor market is a complex combination of multiple technologies and applications - and understanding where true opportunities for commercial success exist is challenging.
10 Jun 2022

Upcoming Webinar- Battery Swapping: Repower Your EV In Under 5 Minutes

Thursday 16 June 2022 - This webinar presented by Shazan Siddiqi, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, will address the benefits and scepticism brought about by battery swapping. Webinar attendees can expect to learn about the window of opportunity for swapping.
27 May 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar on Carbon Dioxide Utilization

Thursday 9 June 2022 - What is CO2 utilization and how is CO2 converted into useful products? What is the current state of the CO2U market? What are the key drivers and hurdles for CO2U market growth? What is the CO2U market outlook for the next 20 years?
20 May 2022

Join the Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar on Service Robots

Thursday 26 May 2022 - Summary of service robots; Dominant and non-dominant applications of service robots; Analysis of the drivers and barriers to the non-dominant applications; Introduction of major market players; Opportunities and market gaps of the non-dominant applications; and more!
16 May 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar on Electric Vehicle Markets Land, Sea, Air

Thursday 19 May 2022 - The Targets, the Sales and the Shortages. This webinar will provide a snapshot of electric car, electric two-wheeler, electric bus, electric truck, electric boat and electric air taxi (aka eVTOL) markets in 2021, with discussion around short-term outlooks.
04 May 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar on Service Robots - Who Are the Winners?

Thursday 12 May 2022, presented by IDTechEx Technology Analyst Yulin Wang - Service Robots: Automate People's Lives and Multiple Industries - Who Are the Winners?
03 May 2022

Upcoming Webinar - Point-of-Care Biosensors: COVID-19 and Beyond

Thursday 5 May 2022 - What is driving the growing need for point-of-care? Is point-of-care too expensive? What's next for COVID-19 point-of-care? The webinar will discuss growth during the COVID-19 pandemic; the market beyond COVID-19; key trends; and emerging transduction methods at point-of-care
07 Apr 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar on Carbon Nanotubes

Thursday 21 April 2022 - Entering the Next Stage in Their Commercial Journey. This webinar will give a comprehensive overview of the carbon nanotube industry including: 10-year market outlook for CNTs; deep dive into the energy storage market; assessment of other key applications; and more.
05 Apr 2022

Join the Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar on Continuous Glucose Monitors

Thursday 28 April 2022 - A New Era for Diabetes Management. Discussions on how CGMs can drive diabetes management digital health platforms; overview on how a growing CGM industry will affect the insulin delivery industry; future targets of the diabetes management technology industry and several examples of technologies being developed to meet these targets.