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Research Articles

30 Jul 2018

LASYS: Industrial Laser Exhibition Report

IDTechEx analysts report on their findings at LASYS: Industrial Laser Exhibition.
30 Jul 2018

Quantum dots: basic introduction to materials

In this article we provide a basic introduction to quantum dot materials. We introduce quantum dots and explore the technical performance and commercials trends of common Cd based and Cd free quantum dots.
30 Jul 2018

3D Printing Metal & Synthetic Organs

From prototyping and sampling for consumer goods and electronics, to industrial and medical and dental market applications, 3D printing is proving a practical, clean part of the product design and production cycle.
28 Jul 2018

E-textiles and smart fibers with KITECH

KITECH demonstrate a variety of products focused around conductivity in textiles.
27 Jul 2018

Synthetic biology: biomanufacturing meat without animals

Biomanufacturing meat without animals, chemicals without oil and silk without spiders. Synthetic biology can broadly be described as the engineering of biological systems, having been the focus of intense academic research from the early 2000s. Following these early steps, genetic engineering has become increasingly sophisticated, allowing microorganisms to be engineered to produce specific target compounds, known as biomanufacturing.
25 Jul 2018

Quantum dots: time of growth and change

This article sets out to show that the assumption that QDs are a stagnant technology would be very wrong, demonstrating that QDs have now entered a time of growth, and crucially, rapid technological change.
25 Jul 2018

Webinar Thursday 2 August - Digital Health Insights

IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday 2 August titled Digital Health Insights.
24 Jul 2018

Out of the lab and into a plane: Materials making aircraft lighter

In the aerospace sector reducing the weight is one of the greatest constant priorities. Due to the high technical requirements, economic and legislative drivers, and relatively deep pockets, aerospace is often the first significant adopter of emerging lightweight materials. This article highlights some of these materials at different stages of technology readiness and suggests what their initial application will be.
23 Jul 2018

A brief introduction to 5G

5G is believed to be next revolution that will change our society entirely.
23 Jul 2018

Solar Irrigation Pumps

Solar powered pumps can be used to provide farmers with a cheap, renewable and zero emission solution for their irrigation needs. In this article, IDTechEx looks in more detail at the area of solar powered irrigation pumps.
20 Jul 2018

Monitoring city pollution with bettair

IDTechEx analysts discuss bettair's pollution monitoring platform with the company's CTO, focussing on integrating the system into smart cities.
20 Jul 2018

Highlights from Farnborough Air Show 2018

This premium article will give some of the key conversations with the most technically innovative companies that IDTechEx analysts spoke while at the show.