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Research Articles

30 Apr 2019

IDTechEx Research offers insights into 3D Printing industry innovation

The sheer volume of new 3D printing announcements gives the impression that the technology is evolving on a weekly, if not daily basis. Certainly if 2018 set the bar, 2019 has not disappointed to date, with the number of new printer processes commercialized indicating that 3D printing is continuing to gain momentum. Forthcoming reports from IDTechEx Research help to navigate this rapidly moving domain, with three new reports covering the key areas of technological innovation.
24 Apr 2019

Electric Vehicles Enter Phase of Fastest Growth

Like most other new products, electric vehicles sell in an S curve of a slow start with over supply.
17 Apr 2019

Conductive ink: automotive industry a significant growth opportunity

The automotive industry has emerged as a significant market opportunity for suppliers of conductive pastes and similar materials. It has the potential to one day rival in significance the irreplaceable photovoltaic market. Almost every major paste supplier with a global profile is re-organising its team and its product portfolio to capture this rising trend.
16 Apr 2019

Digital Health 2019: Trends, Opportunities and Outlook

With investment in digital health reaching $8.1 billion in 2018, understanding how this complex field will impact the healthcare industry is paramount. The recently updated report from IDTechEx Research, 'Digital Health 2019: Trends, Opportunities and Outlook', acts as a primer to the digital health space.
16 Apr 2019

2D Materials: An analysis with a focus on 2D TMDs

In this slide presentation (see link below) we assess non-graphene 2D materials, focusing mainly on MoS2 as the main example of the family of 2D TMDs (transition metal dichalcogenides).
12 Apr 2019

Electric Vehicles Reinvented: Novi Forums with a Difference

How do you leapfrog Tesla? How do you avoid circling the drain with much of the car industry when peak car hits? A whole world of new technologies and new markets awaits. Who can reveal the implications, opportunities and vehicles arriving from nowhere such as vast numbers of robot solar weeders on farms? Enter the IDTechEx Business & Technology Insight Forums "Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage" in Novi Michigan 10-12 June.
10 Apr 2019

Smart Packaging Counteracting the Lost Moment of Truth

In the new report "Smart Packaging 2019-2029", IDTechEx Research finds that electronic smart packaging will become a $1.8 Billion market in 2029.
09 Apr 2019


MesoMat manufacture a stretchable conductive polymeric yarn for smart textiles to target the wearable, automotive, and composite industries. IDTechEx technology analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Paul Fowler and Sukhbir Kalirai (Co-founders).
09 Apr 2019

Is 5G slowing down in China

China is set to be one of the biggest markets for 5G, alongside America and possibly Europe. There will be over 120 million 5G subscribers in 2022 and 1.5 billion by 2029 in China, about half of the total number globally, according to the new IDTechEx Research report '5G Technology, Market and Forecast 2019-2029'.
08 Apr 2019

Analysis of Tesla Leadership

The market numbers understate Tesla's leadership. This is because Tesla cars sell at more than twice the price of other leading pure electric cars.
05 Apr 2019

Tata Motors Electric Bus Surge

With excellent bus designs, Tata Motors is now participating in tender bids for all state transport corporations in India. Things are moving fast in the electric bus market, as appraised by IDTechEx in their new report 'Electric Buses 2019 - 2029'.
05 Apr 2019

New Robotics: Shifting Business Models

IDTechEx Research analyse the changing trends in the robotics industry in their report New Robotics and Drones 2018-2038: Technologies, Forecasts, Players, as new and emerging firms challenge the norm.