Artificial Intelligence at the Edge: Evolving Homes and Factory Floors

This webinar, filmed in September 2023, looks at the projected growth of AI at the edge, and how individual markets are to develop with increased AI adoption. In particular, close scrutiny is given to the ways in which AI is poised to transform the home and factory settings, as autonomy and interconnectivity increases across devices.

New Bio-based Materials Aiming to Disrupt the Leather Industry

In this webinar recording, IDTechEx will cover the potential opportunities of emerging alternative bio-based leather materials.

Advancement in 2.5D and 3D Semiconductor Packaging Technologies

This webinar recording shares nsights into 2.5D and 3D advanced semiconductor packaging technologies, including current status, existing barriers, future development trend, target markets, and player analysis.

The Time for Long Duration Energy Storage is Coming

This webinar, presented by Technology Analyst Conrad Nichols, gives an overview of the upcoming long duration energy storage market.

VIDEO: Emerging Trends in Logistics and Service Robotics

IDTechEx Analysts Dr James Edmondson, Yulin Wang and Zehao Li discuss emerging trends in logistics and service robotics.

Image Sensor Technology Trends

Senior Technology Analyst, Dr Matthew Dyson shares insights on the new IDTechEx report: "Emerging Image Sensor Technologies 2021-2031" with IDTechEx CEO, Raghu Das

1000 Mile Electric Cars for Everyone

Some research from the new IDTechEx report 'Routes to 1000 Mile (1600km) Battery Electric Cars'

Hydrogen in the Automotive and Industrial sectors

In this IDTechEx roundtable, Daniele Gatti, David Wyatt and Luke Gear discuss the role of hydrogen in the automotive and industrial sectors. The advantages and drawbacks of the two applications are explained, addressing the future position of blue and green hydrogen, and the role of the infrastructure.

Antimicrobial Technologies: New materials to meet new demand

Companies are successfully innovating as an old technology pivots quickly to tackling a global problem.

'Sustainable' Fuels: Aviation will lead demand long term

Why sustainable diesel when electric vehicles will dominate the market? How sustainable are such 'sustainable fuels' really? What are the emerging technologies in this space? Senior Technology Analyst Dr Alex Holland joins Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx to discuss the new IDTechEx report "Sustainable Alternative Fuels 2021-2031"